Disney+ Accidentally Reveals The Clone Wars Season 7 Premiere Date
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Disney+ Accidentally Reveals The Clone Wars Season 7 Premiere Date in Now-Deleted Video (Updated)

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BY May 20, 2022

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker is the last film we’ll see until 2022, and The Mandalorian won’t return with new episodes until “the Fall” of this year. Yet, fear not galaxy far, far away fans, because some new Star Wars is headed your way in the first quarter of 2020. Well, it’s technically old Star Wars. After being unceremoniously canceled after Disney purchased Lucasfilm in 2012, The Clone Wars will finally complete it’s run on Disney+, and the season 7 premiere date was accidentally revealed. Unlike The Mandalorian, it’s believed that all episodes of The Clone Wars will drop at once. They often employ multi-episode arcs in their storytelling. However, Disney+ may want to try to duplicate the success of their first Star Wars offering. Yet, without a brand-new story (and Baby Yoda), that’s unlikely.

The Clone Wars started as a way for George Lucas to still engage in Star Wars storytelling in the era, it seems, he was most fascinated with: the time before the Empire. One complaint about the prequels is that in the second chapter we see the beginning of a war and in the next we see its end. (Sort of like the sequel trilogy.) The Clone Wars filled in that gap with stories about characters from the films, including side characters like Jedi Master Plo Koon or Jar Jar Binks. It also created new characters that resonate with the fans, like Asajj Ventress and Ahsoka Tano. Because of the films, this series had a finite endpoint. And when Disney bought Lucasfilm, they missed it by about a year.

Still, fans kept The Clone Wars alive and strong streaming performance, including “lost episodes” from the unfinished season six on Netflix. Other stories were told in different media, such as the novels Ahsoka and Dark Disciple.

What is the Premiere Date for Season 7 of The Clone Wars on Disney+

Season 7 Premiere Date The Clone Wars Disney+ screengrab Obi Wan and Anakin Image via screengrab

Still, fans want to see the series brought to its proper conclusion. That’s why it was a huge surprise when George Lucas padawan and The Clone Wars showrunner Dave Filoni announced a final season. Originally, The Clone Wars had to be canceled, because of Lucasfilm’s deal with The Cartoon Network, a Disney competitor. Yet, Lucasfilm still owns the series (including the Netflix-produced shortened sixth season). This means that all seasons are available for streaming on Disney+ and the final season debuts there. The premiere date for season 7 of The Clone Wars is February 17, 2020 on Disney+. This information comes from a promotional video uploaded and then taken down by the streaming service.

Season 7 Premiere Date The Clone Wars Disney+ screengrab imgur Image via Reddit

Fans should expect The Clone Wars by this date. Yet, it’s possible that the video wasn’t uploaded because the date is incorrect. (Update: It is. The date is February 21.) They may not have even decided if they are going to drop the whole season or do a weekly release. In the past, representatives of Lucasfilm and Disney said that “early 2020” was the target release window. The premiere date for Season 7 of The Clone Wars in the deleted Disney+ video fits that description nicely. There is no official announcement as of yet, but watch this space. If one is made, we’ll update this article accordingly.

What Can Fans Expect from This Final Season?

Season 7 Premiere Date The Clone Wars Disney+ screengrab Anakin Back Image via screengrab

Now that we know the premiere date for The Clone Wars season 7, we can talk about what to expect from the Disney+ series. First, this is almost certainly the final season for The Clone Wars. This means that we’ll likely see the story carry on through to the events that started Revenge of the Sith. This means we can likely expect to see the beginning of the Battle of Coruscant that opened the movie. We’ll likely learn that this is a kind of last stand for the Droid Army, as Palpatine’s plans come to fruition. At least, that’s my hope.

We know we are going to see a series of episodes called “The Bad Batch,” about a group of special forces Clone Troopers. Much about the episode has already been revealed, including animatics and extensive discussion at panels celebrating the series. Along that line, we’re going to see more of Ahsoka Tano, who left the Jedi. She will end up taking part in “The Siege of Mandalore” which happens concurrently with Revenge of the Sith. She faces off against Darth Maul and survives Order 66 with the help of Captain Rex, a clone trooper. (All of this is details in Ahsoka and the Disney animated sequel series Rebels.)

Nonetheless, there is plenty of room for surprises. After Rebels and The Mandalorian, fans know that Dave Filoni is going to deliver a quintessentially “Star Wars” product. That he gets to finish this series is a gift to both its fans and Filoni himself.

UPDATE: The premiere date for Season 7 of The Clone Wars is February 21, 2020, according to the new trailer released by Disney+

What do you expect to see in the final season of the series? Share your ideas in the comments below!

Featured image via Lucasfilm

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