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Chadwick Boseman Will Make One Final Marvel Appearance In What if…?

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BY December 22, 2020

The death of a public figure often hits hard for various reasons. Whether we looked up to them as people or admired their talents, it’s an upsetting thing. We typically look at their last performance as a final goodbye, knowing that we’ll never get to see them in anything new again. As much as this hurts, it helps us say goodbye to the person we know through the big screen. When it comes to Chadwick Boseman, we thought that Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom would be his last. And while it remains his final live-action role, we still have some new content to come. It’s been revealed that Chadwick Boseman will appear in Marvel’s What If…? as a voice actor and that he had apparently recorded various episodes.

Chadwick Boseman to Be Heard Again in What If…?

What If…? is an upcoming Marvel series that asks… you guessed it… what if? Following the comic series of the same name, these stories tell the events that could have happened if something had changed in the past. This gives the creators the freedom to tell stories outside of the main continuity that please, confuse, excite, or terrify fans. From a zombie Captain America to Peggy Carter turning into Captain Britan, this series promises to tell some whacky stories. You can watch the trailer below for a sneak peek.

We have been excited about the series since its announcement. Though, a new piece of information has given us even more reason to be thrilled. Chadwick Boseman will be a voice actor in What If…? and also recorded various episodes. While we already knew that a voice appearance was going to occur, and it’s now been confirmed that he “came in about four times and recorded numerous episodes,” according to Kevin Feige, the president of Marvel Studios. This means that we may have plenty of content to watch!

This news is pretty bittersweet. We will never turn down the chance to hear the voice of one of our favorite actors. However, his appearance will be a reminder that the legendary portrayal of such an iconic character has come to an end, and that the world will continue to miss Chadwick Boseman.

You can catch Chadwick Boseman and What If…? on Disney+ in the summer of 2021. Now, excuse us while we stream Black Panther for the hundredth time.

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