Season 6 Trailer Legends Of Tomorrow Introduces Time Aliens
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Season 6 Trailer For DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow Introduces Time Aliens

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BY May 3, 2021

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow is one of the purest comic book series on TV. What I mean by this is that they do an excellent job of blending serious emotional character stories with silly premises and general weirdness. The main theme of this show is that this group of time-traveling heroes generally make huge mistakes, but their hearts are in the right place. Season 6 of Legends of Tomorrow promises more of the same, at least if the trailer is any indication. This short teaser sets up the larger chase for the year: the Legends are going after aliens who are “scattered through time.” Again, if you’re trying to figure out the science of that or even the logic, to paraphrase the inimitable Harrison Ford: Kid, it ain’t that kind of show.

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Unlike most of the CW series, which have full 22-episode runs, the season 5 finale of Legends of Tomorrow was shot before the pandemic lockdown. Both they and Black Lightning only have 13-episode seasons. So, they were able to set up and payoff their big season-long storyline. Captain of the timeship and the White Canary, Sarah Lance (played by Caity Lotz) was last seen being abducted by aliens. The season 6 trailer for Legends of Tomorrow shows her and Adam Tsekhman’s Gary Green* trying to escape the clutches of these strange creatures.

It looks like we’re not seeing too much beyond the first episode or two of season 6 in the trailer. While they may keep Gary and Sarah separated from the team for a few episodes, with a shorter season my money is on them reuniting by the end of the second episode or the end of the season 6 finale. Still, we’re in for more merry mayhem with DC Comics’ best superheroic misfits.

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow premieres on the CW on Sunday, May 2, 2021

*all the man we need.

Featured image via Warner Bros. Television

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