Sandra Bullock Wants Daniel Radcliffe for Wolverine: Marvel
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Sandra Bullock Wants Daniel Radcliffe for Wolverine: Marvel, Please Hire Him!

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BY May 1, 2022

Sandra Bullock leashes out on Marvel to “just f*cking cast him!”, after Daniel Radcliffe is once again asked about Wolverine.

Sandra Bullock is campaigning for Daniel Radcliffe to play Wolverine in the next installment of the Marvel movie franchise. In a recent interview, she said that she would love to see him take on the role and that he has the perfect combination of humor and intensity for the character. She even went so far as to say that she would be happy to help with the casting process!

It’s been a trying year for Daniel Radcliffe, who has had to put out fires surrounding the constant speculation that he might be playing Wolverine. But it turns out all of this was just foreshadowed by one person: his agent Sandra Bullock!

The Harry Potter actor gave an interview where she said “I hope so,” when asked if there were any chance we’ll see our favorite X-Men member on screen again soon (using words like ‘supporting role’ instead). And moments ago I read about how director Bryan Singer wants him involved–in addition!–in upcoming films which makes total sense considering they worked together before.

Sandra Bullock Wants Daniel Radcliffe to Play Wolverine!

When Bullock was asked once more in an interview with It’s Gone Viral about whether or Daniel Radcliffe, with a possible role on Marvel Studios’ upcoming project, the actress questioned why it hadn’t happened yet. Radcliffe responded by saying that “no one’s asking me actually Sandra,” and then went into detail describing how fans were only guessing online at this point since nobody knew for sure if they would even want to do anything else besides acting while also mentioning her pitch towards them when tempted enough…

The notion of Daniel Radcliffe playing Wolverine would have sounded ridiculous not so long ago, but a quick glance at social media makes it clear that he’s got plenty supporters and we can now add Sandra Bullock to THAT list!


What are your thoughts on Daniel Radcliffe, playing Wolverine? Let us know!

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