Doctor Strange 2 Soundtrack Features Song Titles " SPOILER "
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Doctor Strange 2 Soundtrack Features Song Titles ” SPOILER “

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BY May 1, 2022

Doctor Strange 2 soundtrack has been released, and it features some very spoilery song titles!

If you don’t want to know any details about the movie yet, then you should probably stop reading this right now. The soundtrack was composed by Michael Giacchino, who also scored the first Doctor Strange movie. It features a mix of classic orchestral music and modern hip-hop beats.

The marketing campaign for Doctor Strange 2 has taken an interesting turn, with the first clips from its movie being released to public. The footage shows Doctor Strange’s battle against Gargantua as well his failed attempt at saving America Chavez along with what could potentially be seen if you go through a portal during one scene – Star Wars!

Spoilers in Doctor Strange 2 Soundtrack

The most interesting part of this project is that it will be composed by Danny Elfman, who has already composed music for MCU movies in the past. The full list of titles on the official soundtrack for Doctor Strange in Marvel Studios’ Multiverse Of Madness will be released prior to its release this coming Friday, May 4th.

Here is the full list of the 32 soundtrack below:

1. Multiverse of Madness (2:37)
2. On the Run (2:17)
3. Strange Awakens (0:43)
4. The Apple Orchard (3:18)
5. Are You Happy (1:08)
6. Gargantos (2:50)
7. Journey with Wong (1:44)
8. Home? (4:08)
9. Strange Statue (1:43)
10. The Decision Is Made (1:14)
11. A Cup of Tea (3:58)
12. Discovering America (0:47)
13. Grab My Hand (1:14)
14. Battle Time (3:11)
15. Not a Monster (2:38)
16. Forbidden Ground (2:29)
17. Tribunal (2:13)
18. They’re Not Coming Back (1:00)
19. Stranger Things Will Happen (2:56)
20. Buying Time (3:39)
21. Book of Vishanti (2:45)
22. Looking for Strange (1:38)
23. Strange Talk (3:32)
24. Lethal Symphonies (1:48)
25. Getting Through (5:34)
26. Only Way (2:51)
27. Trust Your Power (2:54)
28. They’ll Be Loved (3:59)
29. Farewell (2:29)
30. An Interesting Question (3:13)
31. Main Titles (2:36)
32. An Unexpected Visitor (0:32)

With such a large and diverse cast of characters, it’s hard to predict what will happen in the next MCU epic. But one thing is for certain: With so many movies coming up (and hints at least two more after Infinity War), there are plenty opportunities for storytelling!

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