X-Men Team Vote 2022! Which Mutant Will Join Them For Destiny Of X?
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X-Men Team Vote 2022: Which Mutant Will Join The Official Krakoan Super Team?

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BY January 3, 2022

Last year, as part of the Hellfire Gala event, Marvel introduced a new X-Men team. Technically, this is the first time we’ve had the superhero team since the Age of Krakoa started. Until then, in Jonathan Hickman’s run, Cyclops, the Captain Commander of Krakoa (now Bishop’s job), would create a team based on the situation at hand. They were never called “X-Men,” though. Instead, Gerry Duggan’s X-Men is very purposely a superhero team, based out of New York City (they should have picked San Francisco, but oh well). One of the most interesting aspects of the new team was that, aside from Cyclops and Jean Grey, Krakoans voted for the other six members. But even cooler, we got to vote for one of those six members. The competition proved so popular that Marvel announced a new X-Men team vote for 2022.

Is 2022 Too Soon for Another X-Men Team Vote?

X-Men Vote 2022, Cyclops, Marvel Comics, Temp, Sunspot, Strong Guy, Polaris, Marrow, Forge, Cannonball, Boom Boom, Banshee, Armor, Jonathan Hickman, X of Swords (Image: Marvel Comics)

While a year has passed since the first vote, that’s not quite the case in comics. Based on the stories the X-office is telling, this new X-Men team has only been together for a couple of months – at best. Because of this, fans are more anxious than excited this time. “Maybe they’ll just add on to the current roster rather than replace anyone. Doesn’t feel like they’ve had enough time as a team yet at all,” one member on a Reddit forum shared. However, others are worried that their favorites won’t remain on the team. “ problem is Cyclops and Jean will probably stick around while Synch or Sunfire get lost in the shuffle,” another user mentioned.

Others speculated which current members are most likely to leave. For example, will Cyclops pass the leadership mantle to someone else? Will Polaris leave like she recently suggested? Or maybe Jean will create a new team to go to space (which could be the X-Men: Red title in the Destiny of X lineup). And, most of all, does Rogue even need to be on this team?

Beyond the lineup, others pointed out that we don’t actually know what we’ll be voting for. One Reddit user joked that the 2022 X-Men campaign is a vote for a “new colour scheme for the Green Lagoon bar.” But more than likely, it’s to add a member to the roster, regardless of whether someone leaves or not.

Which X-Men Won’t We Be Able to Vote for in 2022?

X-Men Vote 2022, What is Destiny of X? X-Men, Immortal X-Men, Marauders, Wolverine, X-Force, Knights of X, Legion of X, New Mutants, X-Men Red, Inferno, Trial of Magneto, Jonathan Hickman, Gerry Duggan, Steve Orlando, Zeb Wells, Keiron Gillen (Image: Marvel Comics)

While characters have often served on two teams (or, in Wolverine’s case, 200), the X-office has been a lot better at mixing things up since House of X & Powers of X. But we already have a lot of potential X-Men off the table. For instance, the entire Quiet Council. Part of the rules Cyclops and the Council agreed upon was that no member of the Council could serve on the team. This prompted Jean Grey to quit the council entirely. Who does this negate? Professor X, Magneto, Emma Frost, Sebastian Shaw, Kate Pryde, Mister Sinister, Mystique, Exodus, Nightcrawler, Storm, and two recent additions, Colossus and Destiny. They’re all appearing in Immortal X-Men.

Next, we have the new team Legion of X, which Nightcrawler will lead. On this team, we have Pixie, Dust, Blindfold, ForgetMeNot, Doctor Nemesis, and Juggernaut. As well, since all but two members are changing, the Marauders are essentially a new team too. On this team, we have Kate Pryde, Bishop, Daken, Aurora, Psylocke, Somnus, Tempo, and – one of the most shocking additions to an X-Men team – Cassandra Nova. But it’s not like anyone would want to vote for her for the X-Men 2022 campaign.

Other teams probably won’t see much change. The New Mutants will likely feature the classic team and a few new additions. Of course, everyone loves Gabby, X23’s little clone sister. X-Force is also less likely to change, keeping Wolverine, Beast, Domino, Kid Omega, and Sage. We could also see the return of Deadpool to the roster.

Between the four teams, that’s already a few dozen X-Men we can’t vote for in 2022. But who are likely candidates?

Every Mutant that has Ever Existed are Potential Candidates

What is Destiny of X? X-Men, Immortal X-Men, Marauders, Wolverine, X-Force, Knights of X, Legion of X, New Mutants, X-Men Red, Inferno, Trial of Magneto, Jonathan Hickman, Gerry Duggan, Steve Orlando, Zeb Wells, Keiron Gillen (Image: Marvel Comics)

Thanks to the Scarlet Witch, The Five – Hope Summers, Elixir, Tempus, Egg, and Proteus, all also off-limits – can now resurrect any mutant from any era. They immediately brought back John Proudstar, the Thunderbird. So, there’s our first candidate for the X-Men 2022 vote off the bat.

We also have many former teammates now looking for a home, such as the Marauders. Out of this team, Pyro and Iceman are likely candidates. From X-Factor, we have Northstar, Prodigy, and Eye-boy. Never underestimate Eye-boy. We also have the Excalibur team, though most of them will probably be in Knights of X. This includes Captain Britain, Jubilee, Captain Avalon, Rictor, Gambit, Shatterstar, Gloriana, Bei the Blood Moon, and Apocalypse (if he returns). Next, we have SWORD…phew. There’s a lot. We have Cable, Wiz Kid, Abigail Brand, Manifold, Khora, Frenzy, Forearm, Avalanche, Lila Cheney, Vanisher, Risque, Random, Mentallo, Fabian Cortez, Armor, Peeper, Amelia Voght, and Thumbelina. It was a big team.

But since we’re now getting non-mutant members of different teams, like Juggernaut and possibly Deadpool, that brings in even more potential candidates. Of these, however, there are three likely candidates. The first is Echo, who is currently the host of the Phoenix. The X-Men are a bit territorial over the firebird. The next is Captain Marvel, who has a history with the X-Men. And finally, since she’s now the “Redeemer,” the Scarlet Witch.

Also, even though we probably won’t get to vote for any of them, there’s that small detail of an entire planet with millions of mutants from Arakko.

When the 2022 X-Men team vote starts, who are you hoping to cast your ballot for?


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