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MultiVersus Season 1 – Everything We Know!

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BY October 6, 2022

MultiVersus has hit the gaming market like a storm. The direct competitor to Smash Bros has gained a lot of popularity. And, it seems like fans can’t get enough of its quirky characters and gameplay. Thus, MultiVersus Season 1 has been a huge topic lately.

Until recently, we only knew that the first season would come soon. They also shared some insight on what we can expect from it.

Unfortunately, they had to delay the season just a few days ago. It left players expecting a new announcement other than “soon.” Originally, it was supposed to come on the 9th of August. But, it quickly got delayed to an unknown date.

Luckily, that seems to be in the past. As Polygon and other media announced, we just got word from it. And, it’s a lot sooner than you’d expect! 

MultiVersus Season 1’s release date just confirmed

In a recent tweet by the company, we got confirmation. The new season for MultiVersus will come on the 15th of August. That leaves players with merely three days to get ready for everything it has to bring!

However, not everything will be dropping on the same day. As far as we can tell, only the battle pass and its rewards will be available at first. For instance, Morty’s character is set to come out on the 23rd. We’ll probably have to wait for more announcements in the future.

Of course, that doesn’t mean there’s little to enjoy in the new season. The game already has plenty of characters with unique mechanics. And, the new season will see content coming throughout its duration.

New characters coming to the game

Easily, the most anticipated part of MultiVersus Season 1 is the addition of Rick and Morty. The two characters are a major incentive behind the recent season. And, we now know that Morty will arrive on the 23rd.

For Morty’s character, some media has reported that he’ll be a bruiser. He’ll also be expert level. So, it won’t be an easy character to master. Yet, some might agree that the hardest characters are more rewarding.

As for Rick, we don’t know anything about its release date. We only know he’ll come at some point during the first season. But, we do know that he’ll be a mage/ranged character. So, he might work similarly to Bugs Bunny.

The dawn of Classic Arcade and Ranked game modes

But, that’s not everything coming. The new season will also bring two new game modes to the title. We still don’t know if they’ll be available as soon as the new season hits. Still, they’ll bring a lot of spice to the game.

First, we have Classic Arcade. It’s easily the most mysterious addition between the two game modes. Some theorize it’ll pit players against the AI. Others believe it’ll be a progression mode, like Mortal Kombat’s Tower modes.

Then, we have Ranked. It’ll include a competitive leaderboard for players to show off their skills. We’re not entirely sure how it’ll work. It might be a 1v1 game mode or include several fighters. But, you can expect it to match you against similarly-skilled players.

MultiVersus Season 1 battle pass available for players

Finally, we’ve got the battle pass coming for the new season. Right now, we can tell that it’ll be larger than what players got at launch. And, it’ll cost around 950 Gleamium.

The battle pass will feature several cosmetics and items sorted into tears. The battle pass will bring new icons, banners, and skins for the characters.

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