The DC Endgame, The Next Superhero Event Movie
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The DC Endgame, The Next Superhero Event Movie

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BY October 6, 2022

The waters of the DC Universe have been churning for a few weeks now. Not only because of the presentation of the new comic book saga presented at Comic-Con called Dark Crisis, based on the Crisis on Infinite Earths comic book. Also, because of Warner CEO David Zaslav’s statements and their implications. Zaslav not only announced the cancellation of the Batgirl movie but a new restructuring in DC filming. This angered many DC Films executives, including DC Films president Walter Hamada. He wanted to adapt to the original comic book version of Infinite Crisis, like a version of Marvel’s Avengers: EndGame (2019). With this new direction, the question is born: is this crossover possible? 

DC’s Massive Endgame Crossover Plans

The DC Endgame Image: CW

DC is in dire need of quality films to boost the brand again after the disaster of Justice League (2017) or the cancellation of the Batgirl movie. These failures raised the possibility of a crossover with several of the heroes of this comic book world. This is because the general public likes this type of production, considering the successes of The Avengers (2012) and Captain America Civil War (2016).

DC needs a movie in the Avengers: Endgame (2019) style, which Hamada had already raised. When he assumed the 2018 presidency of DC Films, he thought about making particular movies, such as Static Shock, Supergirl, and Green Lantern Corps. He also thought about the option of Six Secret, the group of villains who are the archenemies of the Suicide Squad

Avengers: Endgame Spoiler-Free Review Image via Marvel Studios

Another filming raised by the president of DC Films was the presentation of Black Superman. Hamada planned to develop a film based on the Crisis on Infinite Earths comic book to finalize all this framework. This would be the end of the whole DC plot, however, plans changed with the merger between Warner Bros. and Discovery.

These plans were changed after the merger and even more with the recent statement of Warner CEO David Zaslav. This not only cancelled the Batgirl movie but almost caused Hamada to resign from the presidency. It also changes the whole picture for a possible Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover in the movies.

Zaslav said he would have planned quality film development for the next 10 years. He will focus on the main characters in this period, such as Batman, Superman, Aquaman, Flash and Wonder Woman. This planning suggests that we will have a series of films that will be intertwined and then culminate in a crossover similar to Marvel’s Endgame

Crisis on Infinite Earths Could be the Endgame Event

The DC Endgame Image: DC Comics

Even though Hamada’s idea of doing the Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover has been set aside for the time being, it doesn’t imply that it won’t materialize. Be that as it may, DC needs a film that brings together various heroes from its comics in an intense fight.

The ideal event for this to happen is the events in this comic. This is one of the essential sagas in DC comics, usually limited editions. DC Comics announced a new Crisis on Infinite Earth comic book saga at Comic-Con, called Dark Crisis, which has seven issues.

Considering Zaslav’s comments about wanting a more interrelated DC world like the Marvel universe. The heroes will inevitably be meeting and mixing in various fights. We will likely have some previous crossovers before an Endgame, which mixes specific characters. An example could be a movie based on the comic book Batman and Superman, Public Enemies Number 1.

We will have to wait for the most important productions, according to Zaslav himself. First, Black Adam will be released in October this year. And Aquaman 2 will feature a small cameo with Ben Affleck’s Batman, according to Jason Momoa’s posts. Also, The Flash, with Flashpoint and the possible appearance of Michael Keaton, as an alternate version of Batman.

We will have to wait for the improvements that the president of Warner Bros. Discovery commented that they are making the DC Endgame. However, an element that could indicate a crossover of Crisis on Infinite Earths can be denoted. This is the duality of the character of the Dark Knight, which could imply that both come from different versions of Earth. 

Featured Image Via Warner Bros. Discovery 





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