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Warner Bros’ Multiversus – The Antidote to Smash Bros?

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BY November 29, 2022

We have a new kid on the block, and they’ve come to challenge the big guy. That doesn’t tell you anything about the games that we’re talking about, but it sounds cool. We’re talking about Warner Bros’ Multiversus, with a roster that’s nuts, graphics that are next-gen, and gameplay that’s great. It’s more than just a clone and it might even shake the status quo and break the monopoly of the mighty Smash Bros Melee.

It’s no news that Melee has been the go-to platform fighter for the last two decades. There have been multiple fighting games since that time, but none as good as Melee. It’s so popular that players still download 3rd party apps like Slippi to play the game. Will Smash Bros’ loyal fans shift to the new game Multiversus? Let’s find out Warner Bros’ Multiversus’s release date, roster, and more!

Seeing a roster as impressive as this, we doubt if anyone won’t!

warner bros multiversus


When Is Multiversus Coming?

Oh, you predictable simple-minded gamer. This is always the first question on your mind, and how do I know? I’m a simple-minded predictable gamer as well. Big deal. Luckily, you won’t have to wait for Multiversus’s release date.

Why? Simple, Warner Bros’ Multiversus game for PC/Consoles is already in a closed-alpha stage of testing. All you have to do is just visit this website and sign up with your details. Yes, it’s that simple. You can start playing Multiversus right now if you get selected by the devs after you sign up. There’s no guarantee that you’ll be given a slot in the alpha testing, however, you don’t need to worry.

The closed alpha will be held from 19-27 May only. After the alpha testing is finished, there’ll be an open beta for anyone who wants to participate. Although we don’t have any exact dates, the closed betas are likely to be held sometime in July 2022. That’s not really long and the experience in the beta tests will obviously be better than the alphas. There has been no news about the release date of Multiversus either, but that’s not an issue. Players will be able to play the open beta anyway, and the final release will become inconsequential.

How Much Will It Cost?

The best part about Multiversus is that it doesn’t cost you a single penny to play. Perhaps, the main reason behind other platformers failing was their price. People usually download Melee from sources that aren’t very authentic, so to say. No one likes to pay any money for a platform fighter that isn’t even as good as the totally free Smash Bros.

The studio has decided to adopt a free-to-play model for its latest game from Warner Bros Multiversus and it could be a good thing. Apex Legends has already been utilizing this model pretty well and the player base has only grown. Multiversus will be able to capture the attention of the people and it’ll be a more modern and refined take on an old classic.

But, Is It Any Good?

It’s as good as a game in closed alpha stages of testing could be. Commenting on the gameplay right now would be a little too early. However, who cares about the social rules and stuff? The game plays great and everything is very well-polished. There have been many full releases that weren’t even as polished as Multiversus is right now.

The only area where it might feel a bit lacking is in the controls. If you’re used to Melee then there’ll be a little readjustment period. However, the devs are still actively working on this game and the gameplay is bound to improve. Further, the character moves are excellent and very intricate. The roster of Warner Bros Multiversus comes alive in 2v2 games because of how much work the developers have put in. The effort shows through the rough edges of the game right now.

Seeing the fact that Warner Bros Multiversus’ roster is amazing and it doesn’t cost you a thing, you’d be a “baka” if you don’t sign up. So don’t be a “baka” and go, register for the closed alphas.


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