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Marvel Villain Names Who Deserve a Solo Film

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BY May 6, 2022

Marvel is filled with iconic villains who deserve their spotlight. After the success of Venom, the possibility of putting the spotlight on supervillains holds too much potential. Unfortunately, Morbius may have dampened that mood.  With Jared Leto, Sony, and a story set in the Venom universe, you might be wondering what went wrong. However, we are still not losing hope as Sony has an interesting way of turning things around. For instance, featuring these marvel villain names who deserve their movie franchise.

Best Marvel Villain Names Deserving of Solo Movie

We’ve had so many hero movies that we think it is time for the villains to shine. DC’s Joker has kicked off a slew of supervillain movies, and we hope that Venom will also bring the same influence to Marvel. Unfortunately, according to the latest news, several villains will appear in the upcoming MCU movies, but apart from Spiderman’s nemesis, the possibility of other villains having a solo film seems bleak. This is such a lost opportunity considering that a bunch of these marvel villain names have a fantastic backstory that can rival Joker’s dark, twisted, and disturbing transformation.

Magneto One of the Best Marvel’s Villain Names

Magneto (Image: Marvel Comics)

Perhaps Magneto has the most unusual personality in Marvel. If you look at it from a different perspective, he has the same goal as Professor X, only with a more drastic approach. He was the ‘willing’ villain to ensure that the mutant would dominate over humankind. While Magneto has his fair share of screentime in the past X-Men film franchise, it will still be exciting to see his transition from a sinless child to someone adamant about protecting the welfare of mutants.

Doctor Doom A Brutal and Brilliant Villain

Doctor Doom (Image: Marvel Comics)

There’s no comparison; Doctor Doom is one of the greatest villain names in the Marvel universe. If there is someone worthy of the spotlight, it will definitely be Dr. Victor Von Doom. It is disheartening to see how he was portrayed as an entrepreneur in the past Fantastic Four films since he is more than that. Doctor Doom is the villain that sparks fear in the hearts of your favorite MCU hero. Think about the combination of Tony Starks’ genius mind and the brutality of Bruce Wayne (though from DC, you probably got the gist of it).

Emma Frost A Breathtaking Origin Story

Emma Frost (Image: Marvel Comics)

We’ve seen Emma Frost in a couple of Marvel movies, but the way she was portrayed was a mess. She is more than just a lackey or a vixen for fans who grew up reading and watching superhero stuff. However, these representations of the character were short and vague. She is a conniving, skillful, capable mutant who can get away with her ill-doings.

After discovering she is a mutant, her life was far from easy, and this story arc would be perfect for an origin movie. The mutant, also known as White Queen was sent to a mental institution by her parents. This stage of the character’s suffering would be a good starting point for a solo movie. The White Queen deserves much more than what we have seen on screen.

Mystique Never Before Seen Relationships with Other X-Men

Mystique (Image: Marvel Comics)

Mystique has relationships with several X-Men characters that have not been reflected in the films. She is Nightcrawler’s mother, and although the two interact in X-Men 2 (2003), there is no mention of their blood relationship. With Rogue, she also has an interesting relationship, as in the comics, she acts as his adoptive mother. With Sabretooth, she has a torrid romance in the comics.

In addition to her incredible physical ability, Mystique is brilliant. This mutant is capable of infiltrating even the most profound intelligence services. She is undoubtedly a character worthy of a solo movie, where there could be cameos from many X-Men characters.

If there is one thing these characters have in common, they have very juicy origin stories. They all start from an innocent beginning, which changes drastically due to an adverse situation. This situation leads them to make a drastic change to become villains. These solo movies would be an excellent opportunity to explain their origin so that the audience can better empathize with their purpose.

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