Kevin Feige Promoted to Chief Creative Officer at Marvel Studios
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Kevin Feige Promoted to Chief Creative Officer at Marvel Studios, Overseeing, Well, Everything

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BY October 15, 2019

That a seismic shake-up was underway at Marvel was apparent. The Sony and Disney standoff over Spider-Man, rumors that Marvel Studios would take over Marvel Television, and an ambitious MCU Phase 4 line-up. However, what that shake-up was remained a mystery until now. Kevin Feige, president of Marvel Studios, was promoted to Chief Creative Officer, meaning he will oversee basically everything the company does. Of course, Feige’s hands were all over Marvel Studios’ projects, but the new title means that all the executives under the Marvel Studios umbrella in film and television now work directly for him. Along with the films and live-action television, Marvel Family Entertainment and other animation projects are also now under his purview.

Deadline, who first broke the story, breaks down the reporting structure:

“Feige continues to report to Walt Disney Co-Chairman and Chief Creative Officer Alan Horn and Co-Chairman Alan Bergman…. Here is how the reporting structure will line up right under Feige: Dan Buckley will continue as President of Marvel Entertainment, where Ike Perlmutter remains Chairman…. He will continue to oversee publishing creative/editorial and in that capacity he will now report to Feige.”

Buckley will still report to Perlmutter with respect to publishing operations, licensing, and sales. Marvel mainstay Joe Quesada will still report to Buckley as he remains a creative lead, though his role is diminished slightly with this move.

Of course, it makes sense that Kevin Feige would be promoted, if not to Chief Creative Officer at Marvel Studios then something equally important. Feige is responsible for overseeing the most successful film franchise of all time. In just 11 years, he took a studio that seemed “too late” to the comic book movie party and made it the cornerstone of pop culture. (Regardless of whether Martin Scorsese thinks Marvel movies are cinema or not.)

Still, Feige’s time comes a premium these days. Currently he oversees the MCU, the Spider-Man deal, and figuring out how to bring the Fantastic Four and the X-Men into the MCU. Kevin Feige will also produce a Star Wars film, partnering with Lucasfilm’s Kathleen Kennedy. Still, even with all that work, it’s clear that he is like a kid who gets to play with all of his favorite toys for a multi-million-dollar living.

What do you think of Kevin Feige being promoted to the Chief Creative Officer of Marvel Studios? Do you think this will help make all of Marvel’s offerings better or will it distract him too much from the main MCU? Sound off in the comments or reach out on social media to share your thoughts.

Featured image by Gage Skidmore via Wikimedia Commons

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