Jonathan Majors Fired? Loki Season 2 Takes Actor Out of His Cast
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Jonathan Majors Fired? Loki Season 2 Takes Actor Out Of His Cast

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BY May 19, 2023

Marvel’s Phase V got off to a bumpy start with a less-than-favorable result in its first film Ant-Man 3, whose box office ratings were below expectations. This production showed the first appearance of the villain of this story Kang the Conqueror. Jonathan Majors is the actor in charge of playing the character, and a recent development points out that maybe he’s fired. 

Now Marvel is facing another problem, and it’s related to Majors. The actor is accused of an alleged assault on a 30-year-old woman in New York State. This indecent is creating doubts about his continuity in the MCU. Marvel Studios must decide quickly, and announcing Loki season, 2 may reveal the answer.  

Jonathan Majors Fired? Loki Season 2 Launches Possible Clue  

loki wandavision finale multiverse Image via Marvel/Disney+.

Some reports that surfaced on Thursday, May 18, 2023, may reveal that Marvel has fired Jonathan Majors. The actor has a relevant role in Loki season 2, which changed its premiere date to October 6.

This modification could be related to the fate of the actor, who a new performer could replace. This possibility makes sense, considering that Loki was the first production in the entire MCU where the villain appeared in Phase V of the Marvel Universe. In addition, the actor’s name was not named within the God of Deception series cast

Reports also reveal that the Phase V story will continue running with Kang the Conqueror. However, we still don’t know if Jonathan Majors has been fired from his role. Marvel Studios could use the Multiverse and “his follies “to place a new version of the character with a different appearance, as with Spider-Man: No Way Home.

Regarding the actor who would replace Majors, in the case of the change in the character of Kang, there are several options, such as Chukwudi Iwuji. The Nigerian actor made a big impact in Guardians of the Galaxy, which received good reviews from the audience.

Kang Actor’s Status in Court

Jonathan Majors Girlfriend Image: Warner Bros. Television Studios

Jonathan Majors’ status in court may determine whether he is fired. During the hearing, the prosecution did not drop the charges, only amended them. This fact was claimed by the defense, which declared as racial aggregation the actions of the plaintiff’s attorney and those of the police officers who arrested the actor.

In addition, Majors also has a restraining order issued by the judge handling the case, which he issued to protect the defendant. However, the actor’s defense accepted this ruling without discussion because the actor did not want to be close to the woman.

In recent events, the defense published messages proving that the woman was lying about the alleged assault. The move backfired, however, as the prosecutor used these texts to charge Majors with psychological assault, and he must appear in court on June 13 to present his case.

The chances of Jonathan Majors being fired from the MCU are quite high. We can’t forget that Disney is a family company, and they can’t tolerate this kind of scandal. Even if the actor was innocent of the charges against him, his name is already tarnished. 

The expectations for the actor are not encouraging, since he could spend a year in jail if found guilty of the assault charges. For now, Jonathan Majors’ fate is uncertain.

Right now, not only his continuity in the MCU is at stake, but also the actor lost several advertising contracts. Among these was an ad for the U.S. Army, a major part of a campaign to encourage recruitment in the U.S. Army.

Featured Image Via Marvel Studios 

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