Who Is Loki? The Anti-Hero Who Conquered Fans With Trickery
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Who Is Loki? The God of Deception Who Conquered Fans with His Trickery

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BY March 11, 2023

From the hand of the American publisher Marvel Comics, we present the fictional character Loki. God of Deception was created in 1949 by San Lee as a writer, Larry Lieber as a scriptwriter, and Jack Kirby as a cartoonist.

By 1962 a modern version of Loki appeared in Journey into Mystery #85. This character is the adopted brother of Thor. In comic book plots, Marvel screenwriters usually portrayed him as an anti-hero. 

Loki’s Marvel Character Biography

Loki's 10 Best Storylines In The Marvel Comics - FandomWire Image: Marvel Comics

Marvel Comics screenwriters based the character of Loki on Norse mythology, where he represents the God of Deception. Legend has it that Bor, who served as ruler of Asgard, was fighting against the Frost Giants years ago.

In his fight, he followed a wounded giant, who came to a powerful sorcerer. Bor was trapped by this sorcerer, turning him into snow and cursing his maker, Odin.

This action caused the Asgardians to battle against the Frost Giants, slaying Layfey, the king. Odin found a small Asgardian-looking child hidden in the Frost Giants’ main fortress.

The boy’s name was Loki, and Laufey hid him from his people out of shame at his appearance. His size was so small. Odin, partly out of pity, and because of the great adversary of his father, took the child and raised him as his own. Thus Loki grew up at Thor’s side.

Among his virtues are telekinesis and teleportation. He can change shape, and the most powerful is the power to hypnotize people, making them do actions at will.

From childhood to adolescence, he grew up with a strong resentment against his older brother Thor. Perhaps this was because of the marked differences in how the citizens of Asgard treated him and Thor.

Although he did not shine for his physical performance, he did shine with his power and ability, especially his ability to be a sorcerer. The aspect that since he was a child, he used to play tricks on others. Hence his nickname as the “God of lies and pranks.”

But, as he grew up, so did his wickedness and malice, desiring power and revenge. On several occasions, he used his power to get rid of Thor. His wiles were such that he is now considered the “God of Evil”.

His goal over the centuries has always been to take over Asgard’s reign and destroy Thor. To do so, he helped several enemies defeat him to keep the throne.

Marvel Avengers: Battle for Earth

There's a Brand New 'Loki' Comic on the Way | The Mary Sue Image: Marvel Comics

Loki, in the Battles with the Heroes of Earth, finally includes the scheme of Earth where he undertook arduous battles with the superhuman heroes of this planet. The mission was to take over the Earth.

Among Loki’s best-known henchmen is Carl “The Crusher” Creel, a human criminal. Loki is credited with turning this superhuman criminal known as the Absorbing Man. It was all in vain, despite having fought alongside him in a battle against the kingdom of Asgard. Odin defeated them and exiled Loki to space.

Assuming Asgard

After returning from his exile in space, Loki returns to Earth, stripped of his powers by Odin’s will. Trying to obtain other powers from Karnilla, he accidentally creates the Destroyer.

Thus Loki manages to invade Asgard, thanks to Mangog. Usurping the throne and taking Odin’s ring. But he had to flee when Surtur invaded that kingdom. And despite his hatred for his father and adopted brother, he joined forces to defend Asgard.

Acts of Vengeance

Loki, once again, did his part. Using his wiles, he manipulated several master villains to design what he called “Acts of Vengeance.” Thus began the plot against the Avengers and other heroes.

He sent Juggernaut to fight Thor. He cast spells against his adoptive brother to obtain triumph, causing temporary episodes of weakness. In the end, Loki dies at the hands of his brother, although by manipulating the time stream, he would bring him back.

Lady Loki

Marvel Lady Loki Image: Marvel Comics

In this episode, one of Loki’s daughters, Tessa Black, was taken by Morwen. And with Doctor Strange unavailable, it is up to Loki to fight alongside Spider-Man to free her.

As the events of Ragnarok unfolded, the Asgardians found themselves engulfed in the spent energies of the beings known as “Those Who Sit in the Shadow.” When this happened, Loki returned to a woman’s body to work alongside Doctor Doom.

Mighty Avengers

When Scarlet Witch recruits members of the Avengers team to defeat the Elder God Chthon, we learn that Wanda is Loki in disguise.

Thus, again, Loki manages to deceive the Avengers, believing they are following Wanda’s orders. The Mighty Avengers, despite this fact, managed to obtain continued achievements. Thus they defeated Osborn.


Loki was among the Camarilla presided over by Norman Osborn, who refused to take Namor to Doctor Doom. After several events, Loki is once again banished from Asgard.

Therefore, he began to besiege Asgard disguised as the Green Goblin. In the meantime, the Dark Avengers are formed and later defeated by the Young Avengers, the New Avengers, and the Secret Avengers. There Thor demands to know the whereabouts of Loki. But Loki had died destroyed by the tendrils of the void.


Having been erased from the Book of Hel, Loki could permanently cheat death. Thus, Loki returns as a child, and Thor, missing him, begins his quest. Therefore, Loki in this incarnation was Serrure, a young street hustler located in Paris, France.

Thor, upon learning of his whereabouts, begins his hunt. He manages to restore his memory, but not of his past life. He is left with only the bitter taste of remorse for wrong things done in the past that he cannot remember.

Journey into Mystery

Despite Loki’s return to Asgard, its inhabitants viewed him with suspicion. Loki thus confesses to his brother that he wishes to learn more about the inhabitants of Earth, and Thor approves his return to that planet.

In a vision, Loki sees how Odin strikes Thor. This way, Odin prepares himself and the Asgardians for the unknown battle, imprisoning Thor. Loki, kept out of trouble by Odin, retrieves Thor’s hammer. He was helping his brother equally to go out and fight. Loki sacrifices his current existence for the greater good.

Loki in Young Avengers

Where to, Cap Image: Marvel Comics

In Kid Loki’s version, he joined the Young Avengers (the series relaunched in 2013), which was part of Marvel NOW. Here Loki rescues Wiccan and Hulkling from Mother, an interdimensional parasite. But the fight continued and became arduous with Mother.

When he could have left the Young Avengers team to die, he did not. Defeating the creature, but the team must leave New York. There, his mother is revealed to Loki, confessing she had planned all these events so that through Wiccan, he can regain the powers lost in that incarnation.

Agent of Asgard

The Mother of All entrusts Loki with a mission to travel from space to Midgard. The purpose was to collect five of the keys that Odin had made for him if he was ever worthy.

Using sorcery and ingenuity, he uses the keys to reclaim Gram, who was Sigurd’s sword. He forges a parallel friendship with a human named Verity Wills, who helps him in this difficult stage.

Loki in Secret Wars

These so-called “Last Days” begin with Verity deciding whether to trust Loki, who now seems a different person. Loki reveals to her that she is very important in this phase.

King Loki’s version of Loki intends to free the Serpent from Midgard to go against Asgard. So he kills the gods and puts Verity in a bracelet to protect her when the Multiverse ends.

Loki and Verity survive and drive away the gods who sit over the Multiverse. Thus, a new reality appears with a door labeled “Next”. The rest remains to be seen when they cross that door.

Loki’s Powers and Abilities

Marvel Image: Marvel Comics

Loki belongs to the Jotunheim race of Frost Giants. Although he does not have their stature, he has physical attributes equivalent to theirs. For example, stamina, enhanced strength, speed, and durability allow him to resist bullets.

In addition, Loki possesses immunity to all existing diseases and toxins. He is also resistant to magic and aging. His intelligence is comparable to that of a genius.

He has extensive training in all matters of magic, giving him the ability to manipulate magical forces for different purposes, such as:

  • Creation of force fields.
  • Energy projection.
  • Increasing his own physical abilities temporarily.
  • He can give superhuman abilities to living beings.
  • It has the ability to make inanimate objects fly.
  • Can teleport inter-dimensionally.

Loki and Comparison with Norse Mythology

Like other authors, the original authors, Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, based themselves superficially on the mythological god. Since, in the mythological version itself, Loki has no direct relationship with Thor. Nor does he maintain a specific rivalry with this character.

In Nordic mythology, it is shown how Loki comes to have a familial bond with Thor when he becomes a blood brother to Odin, who is Thor’s biological father.

Loki’s Other versions

10 Things Only Comic Book Fans Know About Thor & Loki's Rivalry Image: Marvel Comics

Among the different versions of Loki, we have:

Loki Triumphant

In the version shown in the 4 issues presented, called “Loki”, this character is shown triumphant. In this story he claims to be the leader of Asgard and claims that Thor and the rest of the inhabitants recognize him as such. 

After a long struggle, he won the throne. But unlike what Loki thought, it is not as sweet as he expected. Many claim theirs, including Hela, the goddess of death, and Lorelei, the seductress.

Heroes Reborn

The Heroes Reborn version, we see Loki returning to Asgard. Realizing he was missing the Rainbow Bridge, and the new worlds, he sets out on his adventure. Upon arrival, he finds his brother frozen in Norway and is discovered by Dr. Donald Blake. He tries in vain to destroy Thor by all means.

Loki in Marvel Zombies

Marvel Zombies, shows an alternate universe, where Loki is found dead. He was killed and eaten by the so-called Avengers Zombies.


In Earth – 982, it shows a reality where Loki kidnaps several of the emblematic superheroes. Stinger, Thunderstrike, Jubilation Lee, Jolt, J2, Speedball, and Mainframe are among them.

This happened after sending a false call for help, being in the old mansion of the Avengers. The purpose was to use his powers against the kingdom of Asgard.

Old Man Logan

With Old Man Logan, he presents a reality where Loki dies. This time, while waiting in the Baxter building. The character has giant in size, and only a large skeleton remains when the building collapses on him.

Loki Appearances in other Media

Loki's Marvel Cinematic Universe Movie History: Loki's Marvel Journey | Complex Image: Marvel Studios

As appearances in other media, Loki has been present in:


On movies, he appears in:

  • Hulk vs. Thor, voiced by Graham McTavish.
  • Thor: Tales of Asgard.

Marvel Cinematic Universe, where Tom Hiddleston plays him, specifically in films such as:

  • 2011, Thor.
  • 2012, The Avengers.
  • 2013, Thor: The Dark World.
  • 2017, Thor: Ragnarok.
  • 2018, Avengers: Infinity War.
  • 2019, Avengers: Endgame.


The small screen comes out in:

  • The Marvel Super Heroes.
  • Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends, voiced by John Stephenson.
  • The Super Hero Squad Show, where Ted Biaselli performed his voice.
  • Several chapters of the famous series The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, where he plays the role of the villain and Thor’s brother.
  • Different Marvel cartoons presented by Disney XD, in the voice of Troy Baker.
  • The series Avengers Assemble. Where he is an occasional antagonist of the Avengers.
  • Loki (Disney+ TV series). In 2021, the character had its own live-action series in the MCU. The audience received the show very well. This success confirmed a second season, although Disney+ has not yet set the premiere date.

Video Games

All of Loki's Video Game Appearances

There are several video games in which Loki almost always appears as a playable character, as in:

  • Marvel: Ultimate Alliance.
  • Marvel: Avengers Alliance.
  • Lego Marvel Super Heroes.
  • Lego: Marvel Super Heroes 2.

Loki, The God of Deception Who Conquered Marvel Fans with His Trickery

For many, Loki, this antihero, acts in a very unexpected way. In fact, he is considered the god of deception, cheating, and lies, which makes him untrustworthy.

His great resentment towards his older brother Thor was notable. This influenced the preference of the Asgardians towards a being that showed bravery, strength, and tenacity, like Thor. However, this was impossible for Loki, whose qualities are more subtle and unique.

Loki will reappear again in Loki season 2, which Disney+ will broadcast soon. Perhaps, as always, he will be the anatomist of his brother Thor, showing all his evil.

Featured Image Via Marvel Comics 



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