Jeremy Renner Returns for 'Mayor of Kingstown' Season 3
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Jeremy Renner Returns In Season 3 Trailer Of ‘Mayor Of Kingstown’

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BY March 28, 2024

Jeremy Renner makes a triumphant return to the Mayor of Kingstown series. This after his harrowing accident on New Year’s Day 2023. He also does so as an actor in the third season of the Paramount Network series directed by Taylor Sheridan. The incident occurred when Renner was struck by a 14,300-pound snowcat at his Nevada residence, leaving him with critical injuries. Remarkably, after a year of recovery, Renner returned to the set, having endured 38 bone fractures and undergone extensive reconstructive surgeries. In addition, he had metal plates installed in his face and ribs, as well as titanium rods in one of his legs.

Jeremy Renner Returns as Mike McLusky in First Trailer for ‘Mayor of Kingstown’ Season 3

Upon returning to the set after months of rigorous recovery, Jeremy Renner, the series’s star, expressed his apprehension. He shared his sentiments on Instagram, stating, “I hope this works out that I can ACTUALLY pull this off for our production and, more importantly, the fans.”

In the trailer, narrated by Renner, viewers witness the actor resuming his role as Mike McLusky. According to the season’s logline, “a series of explosions rock Kingstown and its citizens. Now, a new face of the Russian mob sets up shop in the city, and a drug war rages inside and outside prison walls. The pressure is on Mike McLusky (Renner) to end the war. Still, things get complicated when a familiar face from his incarcerated past threatens to undermine the Mayor’s attempts to keep the peace among all factions.”

The Avengers Actor Comments for The Hollywood Reporter

Renner recently shared with The Hollywood Reporter the profound experience of surviving his accident, likening it to a rebirth. He reflected, “There’s a wonderful gift in that, if you can hang on that superpower of what has real value in our lives.” While Jeremy Renner has been dedicated to his role as Mayor of Kingstown, he hasn’t dismissed the possibility of returning to the action-packed Marvel universe in the future.

“All I can focus on is this,” Renner stated. “Doing television is quite arduous. It’s long hours and a lot of heavy lifting. So I’m just focusing on this right now and will see how I come out at the end of it. Because my number one priority still is my recovery and strengthening and just getting better. Both internally and externally, every day. And it has to be, to be able to go to work and participate in life in the world again. I’m allowing my body always to dictate what I can and cannot do in my life.”

Renner reflected on his journey since the accident and expressed his appreciation for how far he has come. He said, “By the way, no one ever told me I would get better. Not one doctor, early on, said, ‘You’re gonna pull through, you’re gonna be able to see again. You’re gonna be able to walk again, you’re gonna be able to breathe right, you’re gonna be able to talk.’ No one gave me anything.” He acknowledged that the communication may have been with his family. He added, “And I feel like if they didn’t tell me, it must have been pretty bleak.”

When will we be Able to Enjoy the Next Season?

Season three of Mayor of Kingstown will premiere on June 2 in the U.S. and Canada´. Also, it will roll out on June 3 in all other Paramount+ international markets. The cast includes Hugh Dillon, Taylor Handley, Emma Laird, Tobi Bamtefa, Derek Webster, Nishi Munshi, Hamish Allan-Headley, and Michael Beach.

Mayor of Kingstown is co-created by Taylor Sheridan, the mastermind behind Yellowstone, along with co-star Hugh Dillon. The series is produced by MTV Entertainment Studios, 101 Studios, and Bosque Ranch Productions exclusively for Paramount+. Jeremy Renner, Antoine Fuqua, David C. Glasser, Ron Burkle, Bob Yari, Michael Friedman, Dave Erickson, Regina Corrado, and Keith Cox are joining Sheridan and Dillon as executive producers. Sheridan’s Paramount+ slate also includes projects like 1923, 1883, Tulsa King, Lawmen: Bass Reeves, Special Ops: Lioness, and the upcoming Landman.

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