Jason Momoa Supports Ray Fisher's Claims, Frosty News Fake And More
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Jason Momoa Supports Ray Fisher, Fake Frosty News And More With Fisher’s Ongoing Fight With WB

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BY September 16, 2020

Ray Fisher’s fight against Warner Bros. continues with new twists and turns to the story. I have, quite literally, updated this story three times since beginning to write it all up. News continues to break about an issue that should be very simple and straightforward. It seems that WB’s previous attempt to downplay Fisher’s allegations backfired in a big way. This time, he’s not alone, as one of his Justice League costars speaks up in support of his call for accountability. In an Instagram post, Jason Momoa supported Ray Fisher against WB and implicitly confirms his allegations. Not to mention revealing some confusing behavior by the studio. 

Jason Momoa Joining the Ray Fisher Fight Against WB Is a Big Deal


– Jason Momoa; Instagram

Initially, Ray Fisher who played Cyborg in Justice League launched allegations against the movie’s (second) director and producers. Targeting Joss Whedon, Fisher claimed that his behavior on-set was totally unprofessional. Over the last few weeks, he has specified his complaints against DC Executive Geoff Johns and Jon Berg. Recently, he even revealed how DC Films President Walter Hamada tried to get him to ease off his very public allegations, by making a deal. Fisher refused and WB attempted to discredit him by claiming he’s not cooperating with the investigation. 

Fisher, however, took to Instagram to discuss how the investigation was completely biased and conducted internally. Wanting to protect those involved who want to tell their story, Fisher refused to cooperate until they hired a third-party investigator. The latest news from Fisher is how the investigation is ‘cherry-picking’ interviewees to change the narrative. It seems like this situation grows more difficult with each passing day. 

But Fisher’s steadfast insistence on making everything public and transparent keeps public opinion on his side at this point, with the pressure against WB. The usual corporate backchanneling and compromises seem difficult for WB, and its parent company WarnerMedia right now, with this scandal being so public. While there are no plans for a Cyborg movie, Aquaman 2 is in the works. Momoa threatened to stall the production once already.

Jason Momoa Supports Ray Fisher in Instagram Post

Jason Momoa posted a picture of him and Ray Fisher at SDCC during the marketing campaign for Justice League on his Instagram page. In the post, his caption reveals Jason Momoa’s support of Ray Fisher’s claims regarding the treatment on the set of the Justice League reshoots. 

Momoa also seems to confirm that the news of his playing Frosty in an upcoming movie was fake. Weeks ago, news broke that Aquaman star Momoa would be Frosty the Snowman in an upcoming movie. It felt weird and out of the blue, but not the first time an actor has done a movie that’s off-brand to his image. But now, Momoa claims it was a distraction to veer the news cycle away from Ray Fisher’s allegations. Though, other their Justice League connection, it makes no sense because there’s plenty of room in the press for both stories.

Momoa also mentions that ‘serious stuff went down’, and refers to the way ‘we were treated’. His phrasing seems to imply that the mistreatment wasn’t limited to just Fisher and others, but that even Momoa may have experienced some of it. Or he could just be including himself in the narrative to further support Ray Fisher’s claims.

If truly false, the Frosty news is a confusing move on Warner Bros. part. I mean, I don’t want to think that they completely invented a movie to cover-up other shortcomings, because that would seem silly. It’s also possible that Momoa was in talks for a Frosty movie, but nothing came of it. Negotiations deals are often leaked to the press for various reasons. So, someone went ahead with the news hoping to take away from Fisher’s spotlight. It’s a confusing state of affairs, and in the court of public opinion Warner Bros. is not winning the benefit of the doubt, especially from Justice League fans.

Was Ben Affleck’s Batman Return Announcement a Reaction To Fisher?

Just 2 days before Warner Bros.’ biggest and first virtual fan event, DC Fandome, news broke of Ben Affleck returning as Batman in the Flash movie. The dominoes toppled. We all rejoiced at the prospect of two Batmen and a Multiverse in the Flash movie. The movie that we all lost interest in, somehow shot to the top of our most anticipated list. But I remember wondering why it broke days before FanDome. Why not save this Earth-shattering announcement for the event itself. Is that because there would be more at FanDome? Would we get a panel with Affleck discussing his return? Not at all. The news was basically all there was. (Worth noting, all the FanDome panels were recorded weeks before they debuted, so it’s possible the Batfleck deal wasn’t done in time.)

Fisher now claims that the news was prematurely released as damage control against him. Fisher claims that the news was originally for FanDome, but hours after he made headlines with updates on the Justice League scandal again, the Affleck news released. If true, these all feel like pitingly desperate moves by Warner Bros.  These claims are easily refuted. So not sure why such a big corporate entity isn’t just doing their due diligence.

Stay tuned to Comic Years for more updates on this as it happens. And feel free to share your thoughts about this whole Ray Fisher and Justice League scandal. 

Featured image via Gage Skidmore. 

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