Henry Cavill Still Wants to Play Superman If Warner Bros. Will Let Him
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Henry Cavill Still Wants to Play Superman, And He Knows What Story He Wants to Tell

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BY May 20, 2022

Despite being perhaps the oldest superhero franchise, people still love Superman, a lot. One of those people, it seems, is the actor who portrayed him in three movies for Warner Bros but left the role. Well, thanks to a fan who met and talked with the star, we know that Henry Cavill still wants to play Superman on the big screen. This report, first shared on Twitter, ended up picked up by the entertainment and mainstream press. However, many of the headlines hyped up the story by saying that Cavill would return as Superman only if the studio met a his “one condition.” This is, at best, a misinterpretation of what was reported or, at worst, an outright lie. What is true is that Henry Cavill still wants to play Superman, grouping him in with legions of fans who want the Man of Steel to take flight once more.

Since the removal of Zach Snyder from the Justice League film in favor of Avengers-helmer Joss Whedon, the future of the DC Extended Universe is in flux. Wonder Woman and Aquaman are two powerful franchises with sequels on the way. The Batman, however, is undergoing a reboot and an actor change. (Though, to paraphrase Jay from Jay & Silent Bob, “Affleck you the bomb as Batman, yo!”) Finally, Ezra Miller’s take on The Flash seems to be stuck in development hell, as attention turns to further Shazam Family movies. In September of 2018, THR reported that Henry Cavill’s cameo in Shazam wouldn’t happen and cast doubt on his future in the cape and shield. However, according to a fan who met Cavill at Comic-Con, there may be more to Superman’s story.

The Source and What Henry Cavill Said About Superman



Roger Roecken, a graphic designer, video creator, and podcaster, ran into Cavill at what looks like a pub or restaurant. Calling the Superman star a “class act,” he casually mentioned what they discussed during their encounter, including that he brought up Superman with him. Cavill neither confirmed or denied rumors that his time with D.C. is up and neither have his official spokespeople. Yet, according to Roecken, the deal may not be as “done” as reports suggested. According him, in reply to another Twitter user’s question, Henry Cavill still wants to play Superman. The condition is not as stringent as the headlines suggest. Merely, Cavill said he wants to film a Man of Steel sequel that delves into how Superman feels about his awesome power.



So, while that detail is what most focus on, the implication of this statement is that Cavill essentially confirms he’s done with Warner Bros., at least as far as Superman is concerned. However, Roecken took to Twitter to clarify that Cavill confirmed no such thing. He wrote that if he implied that Cavill’s time as the character came to an end, it’s because he read an article from Forbes saying the actor’s contract expired. The Superman and Witcher star never said he would be finished with the role, and, in fact, Roecken’s discussion with him seems to suggest he’s not. If anything, this report sends a signal to Warner Bros, that if they still want him as Superman they only have to ask. Though, it seems while he still wants to play Superman, Henry Cavill prefers to do it in a movie with only Superman in it.



Henry Cavill Still Wants to Play Superman, But Will They Let Him?

For fans of Cavill’s Man of Steel, this is great news. It also seems to fit more with what Warner Bros. wants to do after their Justice League movie failed to impress the way they hoped. The focus turned towards individual superhero stories like Wonder Woman, Aquaman, and the like. So, telling a Superman story without other heroes in it, fits that agenda. This could be the beginning of the Superman franchise they always wanted. At the very least, it gives Henry Cavill one more shot at the character so he can end his tenure on a high note. Frankly, at this point, Warner Bros. would be foolish not to take the actor up on the offer.

Of course, the introspective and complicated story Henry Cavill wants to play as Superman, still feels more like the “Snyder-verse” version of the character. Die-hard fans complained that Cavill’s take on the character leaned too into the complexity, not making him the solidly moral hero he usually is. They might want a Superman film that feels more like Chris Evans’s portrayal of Captain America or Christopher Reeves’s take on Krypton’s Last Son. Still, Cavill is an excellent Superman, and in lieu of admitting failure, giving him one more story might be exactly what the studio and the character need.

What do you think? Henry Cavill still wants to play Superman, but do you still want to see him do it? Tell us in the comments below or by sharing the article on social media.

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