The Bill And Ted 3 Comic-Con At Home Panel Was Pretty Excellent
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Comic-Con At Home: The Bill And Ted Face The Music Panel And New Trailer Were Pretty Excellent

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BY April 28, 2022

Bill And Ted is one of those franchises that wasn’t iconic or legendary for its contribution to cinema. Neither was it one of those franchises that broke the mold or was critically acclaimed. But they were damn funny and one of those movies that was representative of a state in 80’s and 90’s pop-culture that captured the era perfectly. After two movies in the franchise, a long-running Saturday morning cartoon, and years spent planning a third film, Bill And Ted Face The Music is finally a reality. In the Bill And Ted 3 Comic-Con At Home panel, the cast and filmmakers reminisce about the first two films, and how the third one finally came together. 

How The New Movie Fits Into The Bill And Ted Franchise

The Bill And Ted Face The Music Comic-Con At Home panel Sadler. Image via Orion Pictures.

Before the Bill And Ted 3 Comic-Con At Home panel, a brand new trailer released to jumpstart the buzz. The new trailer gives a more comprehensive breakdown of what fans can expect from the sequel. The original Bill And Ted was all about a pair of high school students saving the world through music, but first passing a history exam. Bill And Ted’s Excellent Adventure focused on a school assignment and how they time travelled to get help from actual historical figures. The second movie, Bill And Ted’s Bogus Journey was all about their destiny to achieve world peace, with a detour through literal Hell.

The new movie’s story is set decades later, just like the time between the films. The story focuses on their inability to fulfill their destiny, and their redemption, along with the help of their daughters. Not to mention returning to many elements and characters from the original franchise. 

Newest Bill And Ted Face The Music Trailer Infinitely Better Than The First

Two days before Comic-Con, Orion Pictures released a brand new full trailer for Bill And Ted Face The Music. The trailer works much better than the first teaser released and fully captures the spirit of the franchise. The new Face The Music trailer re-introduces us to a much older, but somehow not-aged at all Bill (Alex Winter) and Ted (Keanu Reeves). The older, but clearly not matured duo discuss their inability to reach the potential they thought they had as teens. A visit from the future reveals that they failed to bring peace to the world. 

What ensues is a brand new journey for Bill and Ted as they try to finally create the song that unites the world. Through this new adventure, they travel through time to try to steal the song from future versions of themselves. They also go back to hell to meet their old friend Death, with William Sadler returning to the role. The trailer is chock full of appearances by brilliant character actors that definitely had me pointing excitedly at my screen. From the Bill And Ted 3 Comic-Con At Home panel, it’s implied that there are even more surprises in the movie. 

Bill And Ted 3 Comic-Con At Home Panel Dives Into The Nostalgia

The Bill And Ted Face The Music Comic-Con At Home panel daughters. Image via Orion Pictures.

The original makers of the movie all return for the new Bill And Ted 3 Comic-Con At Home panel. Original writers Ed Solomon and Chris Matheson come back to continue the franchise they first created in the ’80s. Brand new director Dean Parisot (Galaxy Quest) takes over the reins of the new movie and, as moderator Kevin Smith put it, he was probably the best man for the job. 

The panel also had a lot of revelations about the various proposed storylines for the sequel over the years. In addition to the previous makers and cast, the new cast members were Bridgette Lundy-Paine & Samara Weaving and playing daughters to Bill and Ted respectively. Weaving even shared a story about how strange it was for her to see Reeves, an actor that she’s only known as John Wick, devolve into a rocker-stoner type of character as Ted. To which Smith shared how it was the opposite for him, seeing Bill become a killing machine in Wick. You can watch the full Bill And Ted 3 Comic-Con At Home Panel below for more sweet moments.

Bill And Ted Face The Music releases on premium on demand and select theatres on September 1.

What did you think of the Bill And Ted 3 Comic-Con At Home panel? Let us know in the comments below.

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