Chris Evans MCU Return Rumors, Will He Come Back?
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Chris Evans Addresses MCU Return Rumors: “No one’s spoken to me about it.”

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BY November 28, 2023

Recent speculation about the potential return of the original Avengers to the MCU has stirred excitement among fans. However, one key member of the iconic superhero team, Chris Evans, has poured cold water on his MCU return. In a recent interview, Evans stated, “No one’s spoken to me about it,”. The star was addressing the swirling speculations regarding his comeback as Captain America.

The rumors gained traction after reports suggested that Marvel Studios considered returning the original Avengers for future projects. This news sent fans into a frenzy, with many eagerly anticipating the return of their beloved characters and the dynamic chemistry that defined the earlier phases of the MCU.

Chris Evans Addresses MCU Return Rumors: “No one’s spoken to me about it.”

Chris Evans, who portrayed Steve Rogers, aka Captain America, symbolised hope, righteousness, and leadership within the MCU. His character arc seemingly concluded in Avengers: Endgame, where Captain America passed his shield to Falcon, played by Anthony Mackie. The emotional and poignant moment left fans with a sense of closure, making Evans’ potential return a surprising development.

In an interview for The View, Chris Evans emphasized that while he appreciates fans’ enthusiasm, he remains unaware of any concrete plans for his return to the MCU. The actor expressed gratitude for the impactful journey he had as Captain America but made it clear that, as of now, there haven’t been discussions about reprising the role.

The uncertainty surrounding the original Avengers’ return adds mystery to Marvel’s plans. The studio has been adept at keeping major plot points and casting decisions under wraps, often surprising audiences with unexpected twists and character appearances. However, Evans’ statement suggests that the anticipated reunion of the original Avengers may not be as imminent as some thought.

Fans of the MCU are no strangers to the intricate web of secrecy that Marvel Studios weaves. While Evans’ comments may temporarily quell the excitement, they also leave room for future surprises. The MCU has continuously evolved, introducing new characters, storylines, and phases. Whether or not the original Avengers assemble again, Marvel’s ability to keep audiences on the edge of their seats remains a testament to the studio’s storytelling prowess.

The speculation continues while the MCU unfolds its ambitious plans for Phase 4 and beyond. Meanwhile, fans will be eager to see any familiar faces from the past make a triumphant return. Until then, the words of Chris Evans serve as a reminder that in the world of superheroes and cinematic universes, the unexpected is always just around the corner. 


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