Upcoming Blade Movie New Plot Revealed
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Reportedly Revealed: Fresh Plot Details Emerge for Marvel’s Upcoming Blade Movie

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BY February 19, 2024

Fresh plot details for the upcoming Marvel movie, Blade, set to commence production, have reportedly surfaced.

Marvel Studios has been in the process of developing a new version of Blade for quite some time. With fans eagerly anticipating the film, there is a growing curiosity about the storyline. Recently, a range of plot details for the upcoming Blade movie has reportedly come to light.

Reportedly Revealed: Fresh Plot Details Emerge for Marvel’s Upcoming ‘Blade’ Movie

The movie has undergone numerous changes throughout its development. In a more recent update, Yann Demange has assumed the role of director, while actor Mahershala Ali has been chosen to portray the titular character in the film.

Insider Daniel Richtman has provided additional details about the project. According to his reports, the film remains a period piece and is still set to maintain an R rating. This information is likely to reassure fans who may have been concerned about the possibility of a PG-13 adaptation.

However, it’s important to note that these details are not officially confirmed, and caution should be exercised when considering them. Regarding the upcoming Blade movie plot, Richtman suggests that Mia Goth’s character, Lilith, will be seeking blood from Blade’s daughter with the intention of creating her own army of Daywalkers using the acquired blood.

In addition, Lilith is rumored to wield the Ebony Blade, a weapon teased in the post-credits scene of Eternals. However, it’s worth noting that Kit Harington, who portrayed Dane Whitman aka The Black Knight in that scene, is reportedly not returning for this role in the Blade movie.

Let’s hope Marvel Studios releases more concrete details about the Blade plot in the near future. Considering the film’s prolonged production period, there’s a possibility that some aspects may evolve or change over time.

The revamped Blade is slated for release on November 7, 2025. Keep an eye on ScreenGeek for any further updates regarding the film.

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