The Matrix: Resurrections Official Trailer Is Giving Me Major Deja Vu
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The Matrix: Resurrections Trailer Is Giving Me Major Deja Vu, Which Is Concerning

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BY April 29, 2022

It’s finally here! One of the biggest and most influential sci-fi films of all time releases an official trailer for the continuation of its story. The Matrix: Resurrections official trailer premieres showcasing brand new footage for the long-awaited sequel. Honestly, The Matrix: Resurrections might be the year’s biggest non-adaptation franchise that fans are anxiously anticipating. Despite its various inspirations and influences, The Matrix might have been the last original franchise from the minds of The Wachowski Sisters. With only one of them returning for the sequel, many of us were anxious about how it would all turn out. But the release of The Matrix: Resurrections official trailer alleviates a lot of those concerns. While creating brand new ones, altogether. Read on to find out what I mean. 

The Matrix: Resurrections Official Trailer Looks Familiar

The Matrix: Resurrections official trailer dream. Image via Warner Bros.

As seems to be the style with many franchise revivals, The Matrix: Resurrections official trailer seems to start off by re-treading some familiar paths. It’s almost like a pre-requisite these days, where the story kind of has to be a reboot and exposited for newer fans before the actual sequel of the story can continue. Similarly, this new sequel trailer kind of goes over some same plot beats from the first Matrix movie. 

Afterwards, we get glimpses of what the actual story could be. But even that’s super vague. Neo (Keanu Reeves) looks to be back in the Matrix, the simulated reality of the future where humans live a faux life in order for machines to harvest their energy as fuel. The first Matrix trilogy saw the struggle to break all humans free from the Matrix but in a philosophical, cyclical circle of life kind of way that didn’t really make sense, or sit well with fans. The Matrix: Resurrections official trailer seems to put Neo back in the Matrix, seemingly under a new life. 

How Did We Get From There To Here? 

The Matrix: Resurrections official trailer Poster. Image via Warner Bros.

It looks like Neo is being suppressed in this new life, through a psychiatrist who convinces him that the story in the previous trilogy was all in his head. The psychiatrist (Neil Patrick Harris) also prescribes Thomas Anderson (Neo’s real-life alter-ego) blue pills, seemingly keep him in the Matrix longer. There, we also meet Trinity (Carrie-Anne Moss), although they both seem to not know one another. So it definitely seems like the two characters were reintegrated into the Matrix at some point, and now have to be broken out again, by (new) Morpheus (Yahya Abdul-Mateen II) and his new crew. Or so it seems.

The Matrix: Resurrections official trailer makes it seem like Neo will have to reconnect or rediscover that part of his life that he learned through the first trilogy. Training scenes with Abdul-Mateen showcase him tapping into that power hidden within him as the trailer ends with a flurry of high-tech and awesome action sequences. 

This Has All Happened Before And Is Happening Again

The Matrix: Resurrections official trailer Image via Warner Bros.

Despite The Matrix: Resurrection’s official trailer looking badass and amazing, there are aspects of it that are worrying. At least, to me personally. The major cause of concern is how so much of the plot beats feel similar to the first movie. It’s the same rehashing of the original content, similar to The Force Awakens, that’s worrying me. The key difference between those two movies, however, is that The Force Awakens re-introduced the franchise with new characters going through similar motions. The Matrix: Resurrections feels more like the same characters, repeating the same journey, in a totally different setting.

Which, to be fair, was one of the central themes of the trilogy; the concept of an eternal struggle, of the perpetual cycle of the universe. But seeing it happen in a sequel is just something that we’ve seen so much if feels less thematic and more of a production note to cater to new audiences.  Many of the sequences in the trailer also bring back concepts and elements from the first film. The black cat signifying deja vu, or a glitch in the Matrix. Following someone with a white rabbit tattoo, and the references to Alice in Wonderland. Even some of the imagery and sequences look familiar to the original. I’m hoping it’s more of an homage or that the familiarity is intentional and part of the story, instead of what the makers think are creative winks to the first film. 

And Then There’s The Action In The Matrix: Resurrections Official Trailer

The Matrix: Resurrections official trailer Trinity. . Image via Warner Bros.

While this next criticism may be unfair, the makers bring it on themselves when deciding to continue the franchise. The action sequences in The Matrix: Resurrections official trailer look amazing, but nothing special. And while this might not matter when it comes to any other action movie, The Matrix set a higher bar. In fact, The Matrix revolutionized action choreography and visual effects in a way that no one at that time had done before. Movies to this day still do variations of bullet-time, a technique created by The Matrix. So the expectations from its sequel are pretty high. And while there’s a lot in this trailer to love, that second half of flurry of action sequences did not feel like anything we haven’t seen before. 

Hopefully, this trailer is just a glimpse of what’s to come. Given how far away we are from the movie’s premiere, I’m sure we’ll get a more detailed story trailer closer to its release. Which may or may not alleviate some of these concerns. Until then, I’m still absolutely thrilled and excited to see how this next chapter of The Matrix continues. 

The Matrix: Resurrections release on December, 22 in theatres and on HBO Max. 

What did you think about The Matrix: Resurrections official trailer? Are you worried about some of the same things as me, or am I being way too critical? Let me know in the comments below. 

Featured image via Warner Bros. 


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