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Tenet Finally Pushes Back Release Date – But Only Slightly

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BY April 14, 2022

Everyone who has missed going to the movie theater has been eager for the upcoming release of Christopher Nolan’s Tenet. The film was set to be the first big blockbuster release since the coronavirus pandemic pushed earlier premieres back or canceled them altogether. Well, what feels like the inevitable finally happened. The release date for Tenet has finally been pushed back. But don’t worry! You won’t have to wait much longer.

Tenet Release Date Change

The film, starring John David Washington and Robert Pattison, was originally slated to release in theaters on July 17th, 2020. However, the date has now changed to July 31st. That’s not a significant difference, but it may still change our summer movie expectations. Many theaters will use the July 17th release date to re-release Inception, a Nolan fan-favorite.

While the change in days may not seem like it’ll matter (after all, it’s only two weeks), it will likely allow more moviegoers to see it on opening night. A mid-July release date has always been risky, especially as many theaters are hesitant to re-open amid fears of spreading COVID-19. Delaying the release by two weeks will ensure that theaters can do more to figure out the proper safety precautions, and master the art of theatrical social distancing.

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Whenever Tenet Is Ready, We’ll Be There

Mulan, the live-action remake of the beloved Disney film, will now be the first major film to release after theaters everywhere were shut down. The previously-postponed movie will debut on July 24th. While the target audiences for Mulan and Tenet are pretty different, we won’t be surprised if people go see them just to get out of the house.

Are you planning on seeing Tenet after its new release date of July 31st? Let us know your summer movie plans!

Update: Tenet Release Date Changes Again

Well, we knew that it was too good to be true. Warner Bros. has made the decision to push back Tenet once again. Its new release date will be on August 12, 2020. Oh, well. We can wait a few more weeks, right? If we try to look at the bright side, just like Pattinson’s Batman delay, this break due to the coronavirus will give everyone more time to get hyped like.

Image via Warner Bros. Pictures.


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