Snipes Talks About Blade In The MCU - Movie Reboot Rating Debate
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Snipes Talks About Blade In The MCU – Movie Reboot Rating Debate

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BY June 23, 2022

One of the productions that set a benchmark in the Marvel Universe has been Blade (1998). This pioneer movie of the vampire hunter antihero marked a before and after in the industry, saving Marvel from going bankrupt. Marvel Studios released Blade in 1996, the same year that Marvel officially declared bankruptcy, and it was an unexpected success. Despite this, Avi Arad, CEO, and founder of Marvel Studios, was concerned about maintaining the rights to produce the comic book characters. In this environment, the Blade movie was made, considered from the beginning as a minor production, to the point that it was labeled as an action movie and not a superhero movie. Now Snipes talks about Blade in the MCU

Snipes Talks About Blade In The MCU

The Blade Trilogy Movies Marvel Vampire Boom Wesley Snipes featred Image via New Line Cinema

Wesley Snipes talked about the new Blade production in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The actor commented that he was excited about the franchise’s revival. And he stated that everything would be fine if they respected the essence of the character. The star made this comment because of the recent discussion and debate about the movie rating. Marvel Studios is planning to give this movie an R rating, to which the actor stated that following the line, it could be in PG-13.

Snipes talks about Blade in the MCU: “I think those kind of stories lend themselves to a wide range of dialogue and situations. Both adult and young adult. I don’t know, it seems like the R-rating and PG-13 base is sliding now because it seems that now the 13-year-olds can speak better words than the adults can. As long as it’s true and organic to the subject matter, the plot, and the world that’s created. If there’s consistency, I think it’s fine .”

Blade Trilogy Movies Marvel Vampire Boom Ryan Reynolds Hannibal King Jessica Biel Image via New Line Cinema

The actor also opined on the revival of these characters and the high emotion he feels. He said, “There’s a lot of conversations going on right now and we’re very fortunate to have the enthusiasm and interest in bringing back some of that universe.” He continued, “We’ve created two projects that fit perfectly into this universe, and when people see them, I think they’re just going to have trouble deciding which one they like better.”

Despite the excitement, he has for reviving these characters from the Marvel universe. Snipes stated that he feels no hard feelings about being replaced in the role of Blade. The star said, “I don’t have any cameo, but I support young actors and I support Marvel in their decisions.” 

More Details About the Upcoming Movie

Blade Trilogy Movies Marvel Vampire Boom Whistler Kris Kristofferson Wesley Snipes Image via New Line Cinema

The next Blade production will be released in 2023 and starring Mahershala Ali. He will portray the Marvel Universe’s most iconic vampire hunter. Bassam Tariq will direct the film, and Stacy Osei-Kuffour will write the script.

We have Ali, Delroy Lindo, Kit Harington, Eiza Gonzalez, and Aaron Pierre in the cast. We will likely have new additions to the cast while details are fine-tuned for the film’s production.

At this moment, the discussion continues about what kind of movie the new Blade filming will be. Although Snipes talks about Blade in the MCU, it is listed as a pretty gory movie. This tone makes it a film not suitable for all audiences, and if it is labeled suitable for all types of people, it could be a mistake, which could cost the franchise dearly.

Despite this, it is worth noting the stupendous work Snipes did in the late 90s. Breaking box offices and helping lift Marvel out of bankruptcy. So much so that he turned a character with little comic book buzz into a highly recognizable character within the Marvel Universe. 

The film at the time suffered criticism for the character’s gothic traits. Despite this, the public acceptance was quite good. Paradoxically, being a character not so emblematic of the Marvel Universe was the main reason for its success. Some think that the results could have been different if it had been an iconic character like Spider-Man, Iron Man, or Thor.

We will enjoy this movie on November 23, 2023, if there are no production setbacks.

Featured Image Via Marvel Studios



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