Owen Wilson Starring in Family Action-Comedy, Secret Headquarters
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Owen Wilson Starring in Secret Headquarters for Paramount

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BY May 12, 2021

Action-comedy flicks are great. They keep us entertained while also making us laugh. The only thing better? One that’s fun for the whole family. Owen Wilson will be starring in Secret Headquarters, working alongside Paramount and Jerry Bruckheimer. Few actors out there manage to interest viewers of all ages, and rarely do they do it better than Wilson. From kid-friendly movies like Cars and Night at the Museum to more adult films like Zoolander and Wedding Crashers, we’re certain that this casting news will make sense to everybody watching.

Owen Wilson Starring in Family Action-Comedy, Secret Headquarters

Secret Headquarters will follow the story of a child who discovers a top-secret superhero headquarters beneath his very home. Though, as we can all predict, a hero HQ is more than just cool gadgets and costumes. When villains attack, they’ll need to defend it with their not-so-super powers.

Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman, who most recently directed Project Power for Netflix, will be teaming up again to secret this film. The duo wrote the script along with Josh Koenigsberg (High Fidelity, Orange Is the New Black) based on Christopher Yost’s story. Jerry Bruckheimer and Chad Oman will be producing the film for Paramount.

loki season 2 Image via Disney+.

We’re pretty excited to see Owen Wilson star in Secret Headquarters. Little is known about Wilson’s role. So, we’re eager to find out if he will be playing the hero that owns the headquarters, a parent of the child who discovers it, or perhaps one of the villains. While we’re sure we have a while to wait before the film releases, we’ll be able to catch him even sooner once Loki debuts on Disney+ next month!

Readers, let us know your thoughts on the casting news that Owen Wilson is joining Secret Headquarters.

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