Netflix's Summer Movie Preview Trailer Reveals A Lot Of First Looks
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Netflix’s Summer Preview Trailer Reveals A Lot Of First Looks Of New Movies And Returning Franchises

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BY September 20, 2021

Despite the pandemic, which still seems to be in full swing, the summer movie season is upon us. The landscape of summer movies is definitely different this year, with streaming dominating the way most of us will enjoy movies. But despite that, the release calendar is stacked with a lot of big movies, especially the ones on Netflix. The streamer’s push of a new movie every week, all year long continues with Netflix’s summer movie preview trailer. The sizzle reel showcases all the new movies releasing over the summer. Some of them are sequels, some franchise returns, and some whole new originals that we’ve never seen before. 

The trailer features actual footage from the new movies, along with at-home calls with the stars as they tease, hype, and react to the scenes we’re seeing. Along with a hilarious cameo at the end by one of the best filmmakers of this generation? 

Netflix’s Returning Original Franchises That Get Release Dates

Netflixs summer movie preview trailer Arcadia. Image via Netflix.

Netflix’s summer movie preview trailer shows off a lot! There is a lot of footage that absolutely excites and entices audiences about almost every single release. Which is the whole point, obviously. But some of the more exciting films showcased are returning franchises with sequels or final chapters. One of the biggest is the hit rom-com The Kissing Booth which seems to potentially tease a release date for the third movie in its franchise. The stars discuss the teasers and coyly reveal the numbers ‘eight’ and ‘eleven’, maybe hinting at an August 11 release date for the film. 

Another returning franchise from Netflix is the Tales Of Arcadia series, which so far has three CGI animated series. The shared universe of trolls, magic, and aliens revolves around three interconnected shows; Trollhunters, 3 Below, and Wizards. The three shows culminate in the new team-up movie, Trollhunters: Rise Of Titans, releasing on July 21 on Netflix. Outside of the Netflix summer movie preview trailer, they even release a date announcement teaser for the film separately. 

Netflix’s Summer Movie Preview Trailer Features Big-Name Originals

Netflix's summer movie preview trailer Fatherhood. Image via Netflix.

Despite the franchises coming back, it’s the new and original content that general audiences will look forward to. And boy, does Netflix have a huge line-up. The trailer opens with more dialogue scenes from Zack Snyder’s Army Of The Dead, whose own official trailer debuted recently. There’s also a great ending with the director himself reacting to the entire trailer in a very self-deprecating manner. Which is a treat, given that he’s rarely in front of the camera outside of interviews and press tours. The trailer continues with releases Netflix has acquired, like Amy Adam’s The Woman In The Window and Good On Paper. Not to mention an extended look at The Mitchells vs. The Machines, releasing very soon. You can take a look at our early review of the film here. 

Other originals teased in Netflix’s summer movie preview trailer are the hilarious looking America: The Motion Picture. The animated movie comes from the team of Archer and features a story that is about a revised history of America’s founders. Led by a Channing Tatum-voiced, chainsaw-wielding George Washington, a group of rable rousers join the American Revolution, in what promises to be a hilarious alternate take on history. Jason Momoa’s Sweet Girl looks exciting while Jean-Claude Van Damme is back in the action-comedy, The Last Mercenary. 

Stay tuned for more details and reviews on many of these Netflix movies as they release over this summer. 

Which Netflix summer movie are you most looking forward to? Let us know in the comments below. 

Featured image via Netflix. 


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