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MCU’s Spider-Man 3 Set Photos Reveal Christmas Setting And A Lot More

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BY April 28, 2022

After a year of delays, the third Spider-Man film is currently shooting in Atlanta, Georgia. Marvel Studios is notoriously protective of its secrets, but thanks to the necessity of location shooting we’ve gotten some idea about what’s in store for the film. A series of videos and photos from the MCU’s Spider-Man 3 set both reveal a lot for eagle-eyed fans. The biggest revelation is that at least part of the film will take place during Christmas. We see that Zendayaa’s MJ is working at a bakery (while wearing the necklace Peter gave her). Tom Holland’s Peter Parker is outside, apparently reading a handwritten piece of paper. He goes into the store, talks to MJ, and then exits. Ned Leeds, played by Jacob Batalon, is also in the scene.

The Daily Mail, a United Kingdom tabloid, also got ahold of some video of them actually filming the scene. What’s interesting is that he’s walking in the street, his face unmasked, and passers-by don’t seem to notice him. When last we left the character after Spider-Man: Far From Home, his identity had been revealed by Jake Gyllenhaal’s Mysterio. (Thanks to J.K. Simmons’ MCU-version of J. Jonah Jameson.), who released the set photos from Spider-Man 3, said that Holland also shot scenes in the spider suit.

They write:

“Tom was also spotted back in his Spider-Man suit while filming a few scenes for the upcoming third movie, and was seen leaping from car to car while filming with a young co-star. In between scenes, Tom was spotted bundled up in a maroon coat while staying safe in a face mask while checking out the footage he just shot.”

Another set video, from a different day in Atlanta, gives us some insight into that. It’s unclear if this scene is also set during Christmas. What we see is a newsstand covered in flyers. There’s one for a lunar exhibit. There are old posters seemingly related to Thanos’s snap memorializing those who vanished. There is what appears to a be a wanted poster for Parker offering a reward for his location. There is a poster with a drawing of Mysterio that says “I Believe.” Finally, there is a poster for a missing child named “Flynn,” which also reads “we miss our babies.” There is a poster advertising headphones, and an ad for an album called “Cyberlicious.” Finally, there are two hand-drawn flyers that have the Statue of Liberty on them and the word “free” written over and over.

We’re a long way from a trailer for the MCU’s Spider-Man 3, but these set photos are just a little taste to tide us over. We know from Spider-Man 3 casting rumors that Mysterio may actually be in the movie. Also appearing will be past Peter Parkers, a Mary Jane, and maybe even Matt Murdock. Also, Alfred Molina will return as Doctor Octopus, and Jamie Foxx’s Electro will make an appearance.

What do you think about the Spider-Man 3 set photos and what they reveal? Share your thoughts, reactions, and theories about what it all means in the comments below.

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