Christopher Walken Joins Dune: Emperor Confirmed For Part Two
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Christopher Walken Joins Dune: Emperor Confirmed For Part Two

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BY May 13, 2022

Actor Christopher Walken Joins Dune part two and will play the Emperor of the Known Universe. Although we didn’t see this character in the first movie, he was mentioned, but we didn’t get to see him physically. Since the confirmation of a sequel to the franchise, many fans wondered who would be playing the Emperor. Now we finally have the answer, and it couldn’t be better. Christopher Walken is an established actor who has given us incredible moments in the film. Below we are going to learn more details about this enigmatic character. We are going to be talking with spoilers, so watch out.

Christopher Walken Joins Dune as Emperor Shaddam IV

Christopher Walken Dune (Image: Apple TV)

A great movie needs a great villain, and now Christopher Walken joins Dune as the Emperor. In the first film, we saw how House Atreides was sent to the planet Arrakis (Dune) to control the territory. However, they were ambushed by the savage Harkonen, who overthrew the Atreides dynasty and assassinated Duque Leto.

Dune official trailer Isaac. Image via Warner Bros.

This incredible journey that Denis Villeneuve offered us was only an introduction to the history of the Dune universe. This first approximation did not feature an appearance of the Emperor, although there is a mention of him. When Warner Bros. confirmed the second part of the film, the most recurring question among fans was who would play the Emperor. Now we have the answer, Christopher Walken joins Dune as the Emperor.

Christopher Walken is an acclaimed actor who has given us incredible moments in cinema. Since his appearance in Annie Hall (1977), we have enjoyed this outstanding actor. In this film, directed by Woody Allen, the actor stood out as Diane Keaton’s unstable brother. Only a year later, in 1978, the actor won an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor for his role as Vietnam veteran Nick in The Deer Hunter (1978).

Christopher Walken (Image: Warner Bros.)

Since then, he has not stopped giving us stunning performances. As in the James Bond film, A View to a Kill (1985). We also remember him as the villain in Batman Returns (1992) or his cameo in Pulp Fiction (1994). In the early 2000s, he stood out with his role in Catch me if you can (2003), earning a nomination for an Oscar. And most recently, on the verge of turning 80, Walken recently appeared in the Apple TV+ series Severance.

About Emperor Shaddam IV of the Dune Saga

Christopher Walken Joins Dune to play Emperor Shaddam IV, who controls the entire Known Universe. In the first film, we can see how he assigns House Atreides and Duke Leto to take over the planet Arrakis (Dune). This planet was controlled by the savage Harkonnens, who retreat in the face of the imminent arrival of the Atreides dynasty.

Streaming day and date experiment failed 2021 Dune Image via Warner Bros.

The planet Arrakis is very important because it is where “the spice” is extracted, the only substance in the universe that allows interstellar travel. In this context, Emperor Shaddam IV belongs to a long dynasty of rulers, and he was the 81st person of his House (called “House Corrino”).

Despite his power, he is not a very charismatic leader, so he fears that Duke Leto will accumulate power and overthrow him because he is so noble and sympathetic. Faced with this, the Emperor devises the plan to send the Duke and House Atreides to Arrakis to control the production of spice, something that the Duke considers an honor.

However, it is nothing more than a Machiavellian plan to overthrow Duke Leto. The Emperor gives military aid to the Harkonnen, led by the evil Baron Vladimir. To kill Duke Leto and overthrow House Atreides. This attack happens in the first film, and although we see no interactions between the Baron and the Emperor, we know that this plot exists.

Dune part 2 Will Arrive on October 20, 2023

Armor. Image via Warner Bros.

It will undoubtedly be amazing to see Christopher Walken joins Dune to bring Emperor Shaddam IV to life. Filming on Dune 2 will kick off this summer in Budapest with Villeneuve again in charge of the set and writing the screenplay with Jon Spaiths. Timothée Chalamet, Rebecca Ferguson, Zendaya, and Javier Bardem, among others, will reprise the characters they played in the first installment.

Are you a fan of the Dune books? What other characters would you like to see in the movie?

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