Barbie Box Office: Beats Ninja Turtles and Meg: The Trench
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Barbie Box Office: Beats Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Meg: The Trench

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BY August 7, 2023

The movie Barbie, which depicts the story of Mattel’s iconic doll for girls, once again dominated the box office in movie theaters worldwide. It had fascinating figures, which led it to surpass productions such as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Meg 2.

The film shows an interesting revenue trajectory, considering that the level of decline in box office is around 50%. There is also the fact that it is exceeding expectations and could be the film of the year due to its high worldwide theatrical gross.

Barbie Box Office: Beats Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Meg: The Trench

El armario 'Barbie' de Margot Robbie: explosión rosa, marcas de lujo y  zapatos de tacón

Barbie is back in the top spots regarding weekend grosses, earning $53 million in the time mentioned above frame. In second place is Meg 2, with 30 million dollars earned over the weekend, while Oppenheimer is in third place with 28.7 million dollars and in fourth place is The Ninja Turtles with 28 million dollars earned.

These figures not only put Barbie in first place but also pushed it over the billion-dollar mark. This production earned $459 million in the U.S. market and $541 million in the rest of the world. This implies that the movie only had a 43% decrease about the previous period.

With this, Barbie has an income that almost equals 1000% of the total amount of budget for this film, which was 120 million dollars. Another important point is that the film is $350 million away from being the highest-grossing production of 2023. The movie even surpassed Super Marios Bros movie, which earned $1.35 billion globally.

Other Productions with a Good Pace

Oppenheimer Movie Image: Universal

Another film that is at a good box office apart from Barbie’s pace is Oppenheimer. This movie earned $28.7 million, reducing its revenues by 39% when compared to last week. Its revenues are not as successful as Barbie’s, but they are still good, with $552 million globally and $228 million earned in theaters in the United States.

Meg 2 had its premiere this weekend, earning 30 million dollars, being presented in more than 3500 theatres in the United States, even though if the start was decent, its figures do not surpass the first part, which had its premiere in 2018 and obtained 45 million dollars in its first weekend and collected at the end more than 530 million dollars.

Warner Studio, in charge of developing this film, has high expectations about the movie due to its budget of $130 million. Despite the low revenues, they expect a similar performance to the first part, although the last releases of the company were not entirely successful.

Lastly, we have Ninja Turtles, which obtained 28 million dollars over the weekend and 43 million dollars in the first 5 days of transmission. With these figures, the movie can be considered successful, despite being in fourth place if we consider that in its opening week, it earned more than half of the movie’s budget.

Will Barbie Take the Top Spot in 2023?

The question that is up in the air is Barbie’s position in the 2023 box office. For some, this production will have the same impact as Top Gun: Maverick last year, which saved the movie industry at the time. This could be feasible as its figures are promising.

With over a billion earned and weekly returns of over $50 million, it seems possible, although there is one detail to consider. This factor is time since obtaining similar figures for 6 weeks is necessary, which never happens. 

For these reasons, it is unlikely that Barbie will surpass the plumber’s movie in the Mushroom Kingdom. However, it can consolidate its place among the top grosser.

Featured Image Via Warner Bros. 


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