Dune: Part Two Funko Pop! Figures Avaible For Pre-Orders!
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Arrakis Gears Up For Conflict With Fresh ‘Dune: Part Two’ Funko Pop Collection

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BY February 11, 2024

Devotees now have the chance to acquire Dune: Part Two Funko Pop! figures featuring beloved characters from the Dune series. The newly unveiled Dune: Part Two collection is open for pre-orders, contributing to the growing excitement surrounding the film’s imminent release.

In the new Dune: Part Two Funko Pop! collection, fans can anticipate the iconic main character, Paul Atreides. This rendition showcases Paul’s distinctive blue-within-blue eyes associated with the spice-exposed Fremen. Armed with a crysknife, this unique figure captures the essence of the character. The collection also introduces Stilgar, positioned for sandworm riding, and two Chani variants, one of which showcases her battle-ready appearance with a shawl. This aligns with the expanded role of the Fremen in the upcoming film.

Arrakis Prepares for Battle with New ‘Dune: Part Two’ Funko Pop Collection

For collectors seeking a darker addition to their ensemble, the Feyd-Rautha figure from House Harkonnen is a compelling choice. This figure expertly mirrors the movie character, capturing his angry and sinister expression, especially evident in his eyes. The toy is accompanied by a sword, offering a complementary piece to Paul Atreides in any collection. Another notable addition is Gurney Halleck, reprising his role in the upcoming film. Last seen defending Arrakis, this figure is available for USD 12, providing fans with a diverse and affordable range of options.

Additional Majestic Figures from Funko’s Latest ‘Dune’ Collection Now Accessible

The upcoming film is set to delve deeper into the imperial aspect of the original narrative. It will also feature Christopher Walken in the role of Emperor Padishah Shaddam IV. For her part, Florence Pugh will play his daughter, Princess Irulan. Fortunately, enthusiasts can anticipate the inclusion of these characters in the collection. In addition, there is an Emperor figure with a slightly higher price tag of $15 that shows him decked out in his imperial robes. Funko has also released a new Paul Atreides figure from their official Vinyl Soda line for fans looking for more variety in their Dune collection.

Dune’s Funko figures are currently accessible for fans to purchase on the official Funko website. Be sure to watch the official trailer for Dune: Part Two below, and stay connected to Collider for any forthcoming updates.

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