Sequel To Aquaman Finally Gets Name: Aquaman And The Lost Kingdom
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The Sequel to Aquaman Finally Gets Its Name: Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom

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BY June 18, 2021

There is always a plethora of exciting superhero news going on. But don’t let the recent premiere of Loki keep you distracted from what’s happening on the other side of the ocean, where heroes spend more time on land than in mystical realities like the Time Variance Authority. After a long waiting game, we finally have a name reveal for the upcoming sequel to 2018’s Aquaman. The film will be titled Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom!

Aquaman Sequel Name Revealed as Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom

It’s been nearly three years since the first film released to great success, grossing more than a billion dollars at the box office. The story brought Jason Momoa’s Aquaman to life, telling the tale of the fight to keep land and sea unified.

The sequel will bring back Momoa for the titular role, along with Patrick Wilson’s Orm. Amber Heard is also expected to return, much to the dismay of fans who have been trying to boycott her involvement for years. This comes after allegations of abuse towards her ex-partner, Johnny Depp.

AMber Heard Fired Aquaman 2 sequel name Image via Warner Bros.

In addition to bringing back cast members, Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom will see director James Wan back in the chair, as well as in a producing role with Peter Safran. David Leslie Johnson-McGoldrick will also be returning as a screenwriter.

Plenty is being kept under wraps when it comes to the sequel to Aquaman, but we’re just happy to hear that it has a name! The film is set for release on December 16th, 2022. That may feel far away, but we have plenty of similarly heroic stories to anticipate in the meantime! This includes the August 6th release of The Suicide Squad, and the highly anticipated The Batman on March 4th, 2022!

Readers, now that we know the name of the upcoming Aquaman sequel, we want to hear your thoughts. What story do you think it will follow? And which kingdom do you think will be lost? As always, drop your thoughts in the comments below!

Image via Warner Bros. & DC.


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