McDonald's Pokemon Happy Meal Cards are Driving Fans Wild
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What’s Included in the McDonald’s Pokemon Happy Meal

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BY February 11, 2021

I think I’m enjoying the Pokemon 25 celebration more than my own birthday most years. This celebration of a quarter-century of Pocket Monsters is off to a great start. There’s special merch, there’s a new Pokemon Snap game coming, and now, the most nostalgic promotion yet. If you fancy Pokemon and fast food, then you’ll want to check out the McDonald’s Pokemon Happy Meal. Not only is the packaging adorable, but there’s an included collectible that will have you wanting to catch ’em all. The promotion launched this week and people are already hopping on eBay trying to track down things they’re missing. It’s a fun way to celebrate this iconic game series and you can get in on the fun too. Here’s what you’re hunting for when you buy a Happy Meal with Pikachu’s adorable face on it.

Every Card in the McDonald’s Pokemon Happy Meal

McDonald's Pokemon Happy Meal Image Credit: The Pokemon Company/McDonald’s

In every Happy Meal at McDonald’s, you have the chance to grab 25 limited edition Pokemon Card. The cards depict each starter in the mainline series as well as Pikachu. This is the latest promotion in the Pokemon 25 celebration. We also recently got the Pokemon Snap release date which is super exciting too. If you’re a Pokemon fan, then this is a really fun year to be a part of the culture. Everyone is reflecting on what they love about the series and it’s incredible seeing these cards get so popular.

On eBay, scalpers are already trying to sell the cards for abhorrent amounts of money. It’s essentially what’s happening with PS5 scalpers. Pretty ridiculous if you ask me, but some people are actually buying them. Inven reports that 50 cards exist: 25 of the regular cards, and then 25 holographic versions. You get four cards per Happy Meal, and they’re completely random. If you’re trying to catch them all, then you could find yourself buying a lot of Happy Meals in the coming weeks. I’m not sure if I’ll stop by McDonald’s and try to grab a set. I fear if I do I’ll get swept up in all of this as well. It’s easy to say people are overreacting to these cards until you’re 15 Happy Meals deep and you’re up at night wondering why they didn’t print more Pokabu cards.

Featured Image Credit: The Pokemon Company/McDonald’s

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