Pokemon Snap Release Date - Heads Up Trainers and Pokemon Fans!
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Heads Up, Trainers – Pokemon Snap Release Date Revealed

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BY January 17, 2021

Pokemon 25 is a year-long celebration highlighting 25 years of Pokemon. From humble beginnings on the Game Boy to a full-fledged media phenomenon, everyone knows Pokemon. Even your friends and family that don’t game can probably point out Pikachu. Those transcendental figures in gaming that spread to pop culture are few and far between. Kicking off the celebration in terms of games is Pokemon Snap. This Nintendo 64-era game is making a comeback in a big way. As you traverse different maps, you can photograph Pokemon doing a variety of things in the wild. If that doesn’t sound all that exciting, then you’re not alone. Some seem skeptical about the game, but a new trailer for the Pokemon Snap release date is very reassuring. Here’s a deeper look into the game.

Gorgeous Visuals are Center Stage in a New Trailer – Pokemon Snap


Overall, the Pokemon Snap series isn’t really a series at all. If you owned a Nintendo 64, then you might have had the original game. Since the announcement of this game, many have wondered what to expect. There are a few things to note about the series. Firstly, the game involves no battling. Instead, you take photos of Pokemon in the wild. It’s a more casual experience for fans who want more from the world of Pokemon.

To debut the Pokemon Snap release date, Nintendo and The Pokemon Company revealed a new trailer that shows off some impressive visuals of the game. There are some strong Jurrassic Park influences to the game, as you float around an open area in a domed hovercraft-type vehicle. You come across different Pokemon across all generations of the games and snap photos. In the trailer, we see Torchic, a Pichu, and many more fan favorites.

If you’re into the action of the Pokemon series, then this game is a bit different than what you’re used to. Much like other popular spin-off games, this is an expansion of the world so many love. For Pokemon 25, it feels like the perfect celebration of all the progress the series made since the last game. The upcoming title is likely going to be the first of many fun features for the big 25th-anniversary celebration.

What is the Pokemon Snap Release Date?

pokemon snap release date Image Credit: The Pokemon Company/Nintendo

At the end of the trailer, we get the official Pokemon Snap release date. Fans can start to pre-order the game as of today for an April 30 release. If you’re on the fence about this game, then let’s break down who this is perfect for. If you’re someone who enjoys the immersive elements of Pokemon games, then this is a great companion for you. Even fans of Pokemon Go will find a lot to love, especially those who like seeing their favorite characters come to life. Overall, this game won’t be the massive seller that Sword and Shield were in 2019, but it’s still going to be popular.

I think there’s a lot to look forward to for Pokemon 25. There’s still a good chance we get a Pokemon remake this year, plus many fun surprises we don’t know about. If you collect Pokemon merch, then keep an eye out on the Pokemon 25 releases. There’s bound to be plenty of plushes, shirts, merch, and more to celebrate this huge milestone.

On that note, it’s really hard to overexaggerate how huge this milestone is. Not many game series can last this long and still have a giant audience. Plus, Pokemon continues to gain new fans as children grow up with games, anime, books, and more everywhere they look. It’s impressive to see what the series accomplished in 25 years. If I was a betting man, then I’d say they have at least another 25 years in them.

Featured Image Credit: The Pokemon Company/Nintendo


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