Nook Link Catalog Helps Animal Crossing New Horizons Players Organize
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The Nook Link Catalog is an Incredible Tool For Animal Crossing Players

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BY May 7, 2021

The Nook Link Catalog arrived for Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Thanks to new updates to the game, there are a lot of neat features recently included in the 2020 hit. For starters, the winter weather and holiday festivities are coming shortly. For now, you can fill some time traversing to your storage and organizing what you have. There are a lot of

How to Use the Nook Link Catalog

Nook Link Catalog Image Credit: Nintendo

The Nintendo Switch Online app features a new way to know what you can access in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. The Nook Link Catalog arrived alongside the recent Animal Crossing Winter Update to the game this past November. If you want to access the catalog, then make sure to download the mobile app for iOS and Android. In short, the Animal Crossing icon guides you through all of the features of the new tool for your organizational needs.

In the catalog, you can maneuver your storage and see what items you own. You can search by name, criteria, favorite items, and seeing the newest items you obtained. If an item has color variations, then you’ll be able to see this in the app. You can search for the colors in the criteria section. In this section, you’ll also see the details necessary to track the item down.

One example is whether or not you can order the item or not. If you can’t order it because you’ve never seen it or it’s a special event item, then you’ll need to do some more searching. It’s likely that a DIY recipe is necessary for some of the things you still need. This criteria search will also show if you’re able to customize the option. Best of all, you can see how much the item costs and what space it takes up in the game.

Making the Most of the New Tool

That last feature regarding space taken up by the item is crucial for organizing your island. As you go about decorating your home and island, it’s easy to find things to place in hard-to-fit spots and other areas. Favoriting items is easy as well thanks to an easy-to-select star icon. This way, you can keep all your favorite items handy if you’re redoing a room or moving things.

New items are easy to spot as well thanks to the criteria search function. If you’re curious about something you recently found and want to double-check if you actually have a specific variation, then this is a useful tool. For me, I always forget which pieces of artwork I own. If you donate the work, then it still shows up in your catalog. It just won’t show you whether or not it’s donated or not; simply that you at one point owned it. As someone who’s always looking to fill my museum, this a must-use feature of the new app.

Are you planning to use the Nook Link catalog to help organize your items? I think it’s a major help to those of us still knee-deep in New Horizons fun. Let us know about your takeaways for the app in the comments!

Featured Image Credit: Nintendo


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