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Superman Unreal Engine 5 Developer Alleges That His Game Was Stolen

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BY March 14, 2023

Since April, a demo circulated that simulated Superman’s flight. This game was found on and showed the superhero flying in the city of Matrix Awakens. Using this game as a base, developer Tyson Butler-Boschma, removed the Matrix elements and incorporated a character that looked like Superman in Unreal Engine 5.

The demo was intended to show what a game of the character would look like using this technology. This demo version is free for testing purposes. However, two weeks ago, the programmer discovered a fact related to its creation.

Butler-Boschma discovered a game that looked very similar to his demo. Moreover, it was on Steam and was available for sale on this platform. After testing the game, he verified that it was indeed his creation and accused the group on the Steam platform of stealing his game. This even caused the game to be removed from the virtual store, and a conflict between both parties began.

Superman Unreal Engine 5 Developer Alleges That His Game was Stolen

Superman Inspired Open-World Game - Unreal Engine 5 Gameplay Tech Demo - YouTube Image: TJATOMICA

A few weeks ago, a follower of Butler-Boschma told him that a game similar to the demo he created was on Steam. He pointed out that its name is Heroes City Superman Edition. According to information from PC Gamer, the group that put this title up for sale is Hero Game Studios, which included the programmer’s work and sold it for $10.99.

Butler-Boschma bought the game to test it and verified with certain commands and messages that it was his Superman created with unreal engine 5. The group did not make any modifications but only stole it, uploaded it to the Steam platform, and put it up for sale. The programmer immediately accused the group of the theft, which caused the game to be removed from the Steam platform.

On the test, he commented, “This 100% confirmed to me this project was the one I made and this developer just downloaded, stole, and passed this work off as their own”.

The developer commented that the group is following him on Twitter. Also, they keep a close eye on the content he publishes on his YouTube channel. He also indicated that the group is accusing him of stealing intellectual property.

Butler-Boschma commented on his Twitter account: “The team that stole my free superman demo and are selling it on Steam, are now copyright claiming my content on @YouTube as well…. They are straight up attacking and harassing me at this point and I don’t feel safe providing my personal information for a counter claim…”.

One Conversation and One Demo Remained

Unreal Engine 5: Spider-Man and Superman Show Up in Awesome Matrix Awakens Demo! - Gaming News Image: TJATOMICA

When Butler-Boschma discovered and verified that it was his game, he left a review on Steam. In this, he warned users that this title was a scam and had been stolen from his demo platform. Steam removed the game because of the accusation. However, Hero Games Studio commented on the following:

“Our game is not stolen. One of the former developers of our user team TJ ATOMICA left our team a long time ago. However, now he claims that the entire project belongs to him. But this is completely false. The game’s rights and development process belong entirely to us. The reason why he did this is because the sales were increasing quite rapidly. He thinks he can make money from it.”.

TJ ATOMICA is the nickname Butler-Boschma uses on his Twitter account and Steam. However, he told PC Gamer that he had never heard of this game studio, and we can note that he has no ties to it if you check his Linkedin account.

At the moment, the trace of the Superman game on Steam was the comments between Boschma and Hero Games Studio. Steam deleted the game from the platform, and it is doubtful it will be there again. The demo created for Superman with unreal engine 5 is free on the website

For the time being, the developer said that he would keep a low profile, waiting for the actions taken by the Hero Games Studio group. He commented that he would avoid publishing personal and important information on social media until this matter is resolved. Also, when this alleged development studio stops harassing him.  

Featured Image Via Tyson Butler-Boschma 






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