Secrets in the Sands Achievement in World of Warcraft (Guide)
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Secrets in the Sands Achievement in World of Warcraft (Guide)

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BY June 6, 2023

As a Horde-specific achievement in the popular MMORPG game World of Warcraft, Secrets in the Sands achievement can help players unlock several amazing features. Check out the short guide on how to complete this achievement. 

What is the Secrets in the Sands Achievement in WoW? 

The WoW players can unlock The Secret in the Sands achievement by completing the Vol’dun zone storyline. Moreover, this achievement can help players unlock the Vulpera allied race, as well as other achievements such as the Loremaster of Zandalar and Zandalar Forever!

Therefore, here are all the quests you’ll need to complete in order to achieve Secrets in the Sands. These are: Unlikely Allies, The Warguard’s Fate, The Three Keepers, Atul’Aman, Dangers in the Desert, A City of Secrets, and Storming the Spire.

Now that you know which quests to complete, here’s the main storyline of Val’dun. It follows General Jakra’zet, who guards his secret dealings in the desert. This is where the Vulpera scavengers come in useful, so it’s a good idea to finish the Secrets in the Sands achievement. 

When it comes to the actual quests you’ll need to complete, each of them contains several smaller parts (tasks). For example, quests Dangers in the Desert and A City of Secrets each require finishing 13 tasks. Similarly, quests such as The Three Keepers and Atul’Aman only require 5. 

The most difficult tasks in the Secrets in the Sands achievement are The Fall of Emperor Korthek and Defeat Jakra’zet. In order to make the attack on him successful, you’ll need to be familiar with all of his abilities. Here are the clues on how to defeat General Jakra’zet

What are the Rewards for finishing Vol’dun Storyline?

In order to unlock the Secrets in the Sands achievement, WoW players will earn money in eight different quests. For example, quests such as Stolen Satchels, The Keepers’ Keys, and Sulthis’ Stone each bring 19 gold coins and 40 silver coins. Moreover, quests such as The Fall of Emperor Korthek and Defeat Jakra’zet bring a total amount of 96 gold coins and 100 silver coins! The rest of the quests also bring money, as well as unlock several pieces of gear and weaponry. 

In addition, there are many side quests that can bring a lot of money. For example, the first quest you’ll finish is Vol’dun, which brings more than 90 silver coins. 

Lastly, all the quests bring more than 250 gold coins and 500 silver coins. This can be enough money to buy gear and weaponry, as well as use it to travel faster. Unlocking the Horde-specific Secrets in the Sands achievement is definitely worth it.


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