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Marvel’s Avengers Beta Makes History

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BY March 17, 2021

The new Marvel game is on the way exciting PC and Xbox gamers, but Playstation gamers might have the upper hand. Sony fans are psyched to get Spider-Man into Marvel’s Avengers. Clearly, the inclusion of Spidey plus the power of Marvel in gaming gives them this advantage, thanks to Sony’s all encompassing deal with Marvel. Ahead of its release this week, the Marvel’s Avengers beta makes history as the top-downloaded beta of all time on Sony consoles. With the release coming this Friday, let’s talk about why this game caused so much drama.

Marvel’s Avengers Beta Makes History but Ruffles Feathers, Too

Marvel's Avengers Beta Makes History Image Credit: Square Enix

A lot of people are just going to hate on the game for its exclusion of PC and Xbox gamers to Spider-Man. There’s no getting around it. You can simply not buy the game if that bothers you. I agree that it sucks for console equality, but hey, Sony can do what it wants with its acquired IP. Let’s move past that to talk about why it’s so impressive that the Marvel’s Avengers beta performed so well on PS4. As the most downloaded beta ever on a Sony console, Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics get a major win ahead of release day.

The beta was received well by many outlets, including ours. The game is a great mix of depth in terms of ability trees and fan service with unlockable costumes and more for all Marvel’s Avengers. All of this arrived in dramatic fashion after a few lackluster reveals and videos. People largely disliked the initial reveal due to its graphics and linear gameplay. Funny enough, that’s a huge reason people love the beta. I think what we’re seeing play out is another high-profile game in competition with its potential hype. It happens with big releases, and even 2020’s most anticipated game, Cyberpunk 2077 is feeling the wrath of hype.

Can This Game Be a Cross-Platform Hit?

Marvel's Avengers Beta Makes History Image Credit: Square Enix

I think most people who would have played this game will still play it. If the beta didn’t convince Marvel fans, then the reviews should sway them to give it a go. There are a lot of things I love about the potential of this game. Primarily, the mention that more characters are coming can keep this game relevant and exciting for months on end. Sure, PC and Xbox gamers miss out on Spidey. That’s a huge bummer for those players. I’m pretty transparent in my work on Comic Years that Xbox is my primary console.

It’s not my favorite move to see such a high-profile character go console exclusive. Still, if it bothered me enough to skip the game, then my only move would be to not make the purchase. The industry runs on revenue. PC and Xbox sales may suffer from the decision. At least as far as Sony players are concerned, the hype trail chugs along.

Are you excited for the release of Marvel’s Avengers? If you have an opinion on this upcoming release, then let us know in the comments!

Featured Image Credit: Square Enix


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