Fortnite Changes Bring About Player Complaints

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BY August 14, 2019

Fornite is the biggest game in the world right now, and it’s not even close. The amount of people playing the game is insane. Plus, considering how long the game is on its latest run of success, it seems to be here to stay. In a lot of ways, the game caters to its fans quite well. Adding things like Thanos or fun collectibles keeps fans coming back. Some changes lately, however, are drawing concerns. Fortnite changes are going to happen, but they’re beginning to follow a pattern most MMORPGs trap themselves into.

B.R.U.T.E. Mecs and Fortnight Woes

Image Credit: Epic Games

One of the newer additions to competitive play in Fortnite are B.R.U.T.E. mechs, or brutes. When finding a brute suit, players immediately get an insane advantage. These robots are able to use laser targeting to destroy players and buildings. When they arrived in Fortnite’s Season 10 updates, fans didn’t love them. They overpower human players quite a bit, and make the competitive, player versus player aspect of the game quite complicated. Fortnite changes, surprisingly don’t get a ton of flack. Epic Games is doing a great job, or at least was, catering changes to the players’ ideas, desires, and needs. Now? These changes come to all MMORPGs, and they never go well.

What Fortnite Players Hate about B.R.U.T.E. Robots

Image Credit: Epic Games

Other than being overpowered, the Fortnite changes surrounding the brutes is a lack of listening. When MMORPGs want to test something new, they’ll drop it into a game and see what fans think. A lot of times, if fans detest the addition, the change is removed. It’s like any sort of technological test. Drop the change in, see what people say, and use the feedback. Instead of using the feedback, Epic is doubling down on the brutes, adding additional changes.

Fortnite Changes Are Disliked, So Why is Epic Still Trying?

When a game like Halo or Call of Duty updates a change, it usually gets an immediate reaction. If it’s ridiculed or denounced, they’ll tweak it. For whatever reason, Epic is not only keeping brutes in the game, but powering them further. The brutes, according to an Epic update, are now receiving lock-on targeting. So, to recap, the overpowered robots bumming everyone out on Fortnite are getting stronger.

Epic Games and the Struggle for Progress and Power in Fortnite Changes

Image Credit: Epic Games

It’s a weird time for Fortnite players at the competitive level. On the one hand, the game is getting more attention now than ever. Player tournaments are putting up 6 figure prizes, and the scene is as robust as ever. At the same, the game’s changes are not making things better. If Epic wants to test something, they can. Brutes pose much more problems than additions. Fans are not hiding their feelings, nor should they. The issue at the heart of the matter is what sort of game Epic wants Fortnite to be.

The fear for any MMORPG is that players will stop caring. That’s not the case here, yet Fortnite changes don’t seem to be helping at all. You want to keep people playing? Listen to those who are most serious about your game.

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