Decentraland Game Jam: 2022 Edition begins!
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Decentraland Game Jam: 2022 Edition begins!

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BY May 20, 2022

The Metaverse creators are in luck. The Decentraland Game Jam event is back organized by Decentraland (DCL). This year 2022, the event will take place from May 17 to June 14. In fact, it will be almost a month of content filled with creators, players, and special events. To offer juicier rewards, Decentraland has partnered with MetaGameHub DAO. Moreover, the coveted Decentraland Game Jam contest is now open. The top 20 of the Game Jam will get prizes in $MANA, LAND, and $MGH. Do you want to know what this event is all about?. Join us in this article.

About Decentraland

Decentraland Game Jam (Image: Decentraland)

Decentraland is a 3D decentralized virtual reality platform. It has a total of 90601 land parcels to operate in the Metaverse. Moreover, users can purchase these plots in the form of NFT with MANA, an Ethereum-based cryptocurrency.

This user-generated Metaverse is making waves on the internet. It is a virtual world where millions of people participate and interact freely. Furthermore, users can socialize, explore, transact, play games, host parties, and other events. Additionally, they can also build their own spaces, thanks to blockchain technology. Decentraland’s players can create unique avatars of themselves, and make purchases and payments to each other.

MANA (Image: Decentraland)

To interact in the game, it is necessary to have Decentraland native tokens. The first one, MANA, is the governance token within the platform and the one required to perform transactions. Consequently, holders of MANA tokens can participate in the protocol’s governance and buy and sell objects within Decentraland. Each land token uniquely identifies properties on existing land parcels within that virtual world.

Decentraland Game Jam: 2022 Edition Starts!

Decentraland Game Jam (Image: Decentraland)

This year, Decentraland is back with its coveted Game Jam competition. At this event, the Metaverse platform will offer participants the chance to win prizes by demonstrating their talent in creating games designed for the Metaverse.

An interesting new feature is a partnership with Meta Game Hub Dao (MGH), a major developer in the Metaverse. In fact, DCL and MGH are teaming up to challenge the most talented gamers and developers in the virtual world.

Currently, developers have to use all possible tools to bring realism to their creations. Using the DCL Edit application developed by MGH, developers will expand the possibilities to create fully immersive experiences.

Prizes and Contest Rules

The contest prizes will be distributed in two blocks. First, Decentraland will award a prize ranging from 500 MANA for 11th-20th place, to 2 LAND + 5000 MANA for 1st place. On the other hand, MetaGameHub will give the second prize, ranging from $250 in MGH tokens for 11th-20th place to $5,000 in MGH tokens for 1st Place.


Decentraland commented on their official Twitter account:

We’re excited to share that Decentraland’s Game Jam is back and will run from May 17 to June 14!

This time we’re partnering with
and we want to see the most entertaining experience you can code for DCL’s community.

There are three basic rules for participants: You must have a maximum size of 4×4 plots, you don’t need to own a LAND, and the scenes must be interactive. Here you can find the complete list of prizes and requirements to participate in the contest.

Did you know about this contest? Do you think that the Metaverse will have a great impact in the future? We’ll read you in the comments.


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