Call of Duty Mobile: What to expect in Season 1 Reawakening
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Call of Duty Mobile: What to expect in Season 1 Reawakening

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BY January 16, 2023

From PUBG to Apex, all of the major shooting/survival open-world games released their mobile versions. Now it’s time to see if the Call of Duty mobile version stands out in the crowd. Read on to find out what you can expect in the newest patch. 

Call of Duty Mobile Version New Battle Pass & What to expect

Firstly, the reawakening of season 1 of the Call of Duty mobile game will revolve around the Lunar New Year. Thus, you can expect it around this year’s Lunar New Year! The celebration starts as early as the 18th of January worldwide. Moreover, this is the date of the release for this patch. 

On another note, let’s break down what the Lunar New Year will bring into the game. After the gruesome attack on New Vision City, people are struggling to make ends meet. However, despite the damage taken in the past, the city is getting ready for the celebration. 

This year’s Lunar New Year is the Year of the Rabbit. Therefore, players of the popular open-world game will see Nuketown in new colors and decorations. This patch of Call of Duty mobile will also include two new points of interest on the map. These are Ecology Lab and the T-3 Refinery. While looting both of these spots, players will gain access to even more in-game items, such as a bunch of ammo. 

Call of Duty mobile Call of Duty: Mobile Season 1 Reawakening

Another important feature of this patch includes a brand-new mode for playing. The brand-new multiplayer mode titled Big Head Blizzard is headed your way. It’s on you to utilize the mode, gain energy and change characters as you get stronger. 

Moreover, another mode that’s arriving in this Call of Duty mobile update is Super Attack of the Undead. It will now include even more skills for the infected players. 

Some of the other items and events of the patch will include a lot more looting areas. For example, you should watch out for robot rabbits and loot balloons. There will be many of them in the Call of Duty mobile. 

COD Mobile Battle Pass Free/Premium Benefits

Lastly, let’s see what the battle pass has in its’ sleeves this year. When it comes to the Battle Pass free tier, it begins with the Dingo conquest. Here players can earn a variety of skins, weapon blueprints, and much more. For example, Tier 14 unlocks the Stim Shot. You can earn yourself Mighty Steeds at Tier 50, while Tier 21 ultimately unlocks Dingo. This special season of Call of Duty mobile has a lot to offer.

On the other hand, Premium Battle Pass gives you the chance to earn everything available during the season. This includes new Operator Skins such as Rampage Venomous, Bathysphere Hog Heaven, and Baker Breaker. Moreover, some of the weapon blueprints available include LK24 Amethyst Serpent, HS2126 Pig Dynasty, and of course, Dingo. 


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