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The Final Black Widow Trailer Has Released And We’re Hyped

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BY March 9, 2020
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Some of the most emotional points of the latest Avengers movies, especially Endgame, utilized family bonds as a way of pulling at our heartstrings. While characters like Hawkeye have a family to fight for, Natasha, a.k.a. Black Widow, never really has. The Avengers became her family. Though the final Black Widow trailer has just released. And it looks like we’re finally getting an inside look at the family dynamics that built Natasha Romanoff. This final trailer includes mostly new footage, with half parts family-focused and the rest built on quality action.

Watch The Newly Released Final Black Widow Trailer

The trailer reminds us who the main villain is, and how Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson) will have to team up with her real family to defeat him. The Taskmaster is shown to be in control of the Red Room. This room is designed to take young women and turn them into assassins. Based on what we know about Natasha, and hints throughout the trailer including her sister, Yelena (Florence Pugh, most recently seen in Little Womenit’s certain that the family has some serious history with the Red Room.

Black Widow will be releasing on May 1st, 2020. The story is meant to take place following the events of Captain America: Civil War. Though, you don’t have to have watched the rest of the MCU films to enjoy it. Kevin Feige has said that it’s a prequel that can stand entirely on its own, while also giving you more information about the things that you thought you knew. So, whether you’re a hardcore Marvel fan or just want to see some women in action, it’s going to be worth a watch.

Readers, have you gotten a chance to watch the final Black Widow trailer? Let us know what you think, and what your expectations for the film are in the comments.

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