CGC comics has announced Special Marvel Labels
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Marvel Fans, Celebrate! CGC comics has announced Special Marvel Labels

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BY April 29, 2020

Certified Guaranty Company, i.e, CGC is a grading company for comics. They announced that Marvel Entertainment LLC has granted it rights to create a lineup of certification labels featuring the most iconic Marvel characters – Sarasota, Florida 02-20-2019.

This agreement officially provides collectors with the opportunity to have their very own Marvel comics encapsulated with CGC certification labels to depict Marvel’s greatest heroes of all times.

Incidentally, the first series of labels features iconic Marvel legends including the likes of Iron Man, Captain Marvel, Spider-Man and none other than Captain America himself! The designs are to be launched at the Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo (C2E2) in March 2019.

The entire series is likely to remain available right until the end of 2019 as per CGC’s regular submission process. There are plans to offer additional Marvel labels all through the year, inclusive of an Avengers label in April 2019. This strategically coincides with the highly awaited AvIn an open statement, Harshen Patel, the Director of Operations for CGC has stated, “Collectors have a special relationship with the Marvel Universe and the stunning artwork that’s been created over the years by so many talented artists. We are honored to have the opportunity to work with Marvel.”

The cost of each Marvel label is $5 which will be available in CGC’s Universal blue label and Signature Series label formats. These labels can be selected for any Marvel book that has been submitted for CGC’s grading or re-holder services.

CGC Comics

CGC comics was founded in the year 2000 and is the first third-party comic book grading service which has proven its respect and commitment to integrity, accuracy, and consistency. Its passion for comics has made it a leader in its field with an important feat of having graded more than 5 million collectibles.

Comic books are generally sent to CGC for grading which can either be done directly or via the CGC website. In some cases, dealers are also involved in the process. People who send in comics by themselves are entitled to a ten percent discount from CGC with the use of Internet Partners links on their submission page.

Comic books can also be submitted to the company by an individual who signs up for membership options. This can either be premium or associate with an annual membership fee. There is no requirement for a person sending in a comic to be a member of CGC and neither is there a need for a dealer to submit books. The company accepts numerous submissions in person by sending out representatives to several comic book conventions.

Each comic is then inspected for obvious defects and then graded by three graders in a temperature and humidity controlled environment. The comic books are then graded on a scale from 0.5 to 10 with each number corresponding to more refined grades such as near mint, mint and very fine.

The purpose of grading services

Buyers, collectors, and sellers were subject to the mercy of the marketplace before the onset of CGC grading services. The chances of a conflict of interest as a seller were higher and values were inflated which might have increased profits. Buyers too were likely to dispute the condition of each book with the sole intention of purchasing it at a lower price.

Restored books too, were misleading. The authenticity of a signed book was yet another issue that arose during comics collecting. A signed book stood to be valued more than the same one in equal condition. CGC’s primary service was to provide reliable and consistent comic book grading and authentication which would eliminate the aforementioned issues.


Valuating a comic book depends solely on its condition. For instance, take the case of the first published appearance of Superman, in Action Comics #1. In the year 2010, two copies sold on the auction website which sold for insane prices. While one was CGC graded 8.0, the other was 8.5! The former sold for one million USD while the other sold for one point five million USD. Yet another version which was rated 9.0 sold for three point two million USD in the year 2014.

CGC’s ability to provide grading services has rendered it a neutral third party which creates a level of impartiality which did not exist before. This is clearly a depiction of demand for graded books.

Marvel Entertainment

Marvel Entertainment, LLC is a subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company and is one of the most prominent character-based entertainment companies in the world. It has a library of over eight thousand characters which have been featured in a wide variety of media spanning eighty years. Marvel utilizes its character franchises in licensing, entertainment, publishing, digital media, and games.engers: Endgame premiere. For more information visit

Higher valued comics result in price difference over thousands of dollars. A comic that has been bookmarked by CGC with the purple Restored label might significantly lower the price of the comic. As is the case with other collectible markets such as restoration, classic cars and counterfeiting can be a problem. Counterfeit comics pose a problem as someone could end up paying huge sums of money for something that isn’t valued half as much. CGC provides services to identify the authenticity of a comic and one of the first few steps that it takes upon the receipt of a book is to determine if the book has been restored. In general, original books are of more value than restored ones. CGC labels restored books with a purple label. A no grade label identifies a comic missing cover or an authentic piece of comic. Authentication is a part of the grading process and is used to determine whether a submitted book is genuine and not a counterfeit.


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