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RUMOR: Olivia Colman Will Play Union Jack In MCU’s Secret Invasion

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BY October 10, 2022

In a trending post, the Oscar-winner actress Olivia is reported to play a gender-swapped Union Jack in Marvel ComicsSecret Invasion.

Kevin Feige announced that Marvel Comics Secret Invasion would come next year as Marvel’s first television series for Phase 5. The cast of the show is star-studded, led by Marvel veteran Samuel L. Jackson who plays Nick Fury. Together with him is Cobie Smulders, who played Maria Hill, Kingsley Ben-Adir, Emilia Clarke, and Olivia Colman.  

Now, in a trending post from The Illuminerdi, rumor says that the award-winning actress and Marvel newcomer will play Falsworth, aka Union Jack. However, the rumor didn’t state which version of the character she’ll portray.

In the Marvel comics, Jason Chapman is the current Union Jack. He has peak-human strength and endurance, and is an excellent marksman. During the Secret Invasion arc in the comics, Union Jack was among the British superheroes to fight against Skrulls.

If this rumor is to become true, we’ll see a gender-swapped Union Jack in Marvel Comics Secret Invasion. Marvel is not new when it comes to gender-bending characters. One example of this is Tilda Swinton’s Ancient One from Doctor Strange.

However, given Colman’s acting prowess and versatility, she may have a more complicated role in MCU’s Secret Invasion. In an interview with Vulture in 2016, the actress expressed her interest in playing a villain in Marvel. 

“I’ve always wanted to play a Marvel baddie. I’m not sure I fit the mold, though. Like a powerful, extraordinary woman. Somebody with superpowers would be really fun, but I’m not sure how many middle-aged woman they have in Marvel.”

Maybe Colman is a Skrull in Marvel Comics Secret Invasion who pretends to be Union Jack! Who knows, right?


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Marvel Comics Secret Invasion is a “darker show”

In the San Diego Comic-Con panel, fans could see the exclusive trailer for Marvel Comics Secret Invasion. While Marvel Studios hasn’t dropped the trailer online yet, the company has provided a short description of the trailer. 

“Footage played in the room highlighted this darker tone for the MCU, with the opening of the clip showing a conversation between Hill and Fury — he’s been off-world for years ignoring her calls, but he’s finally come back because he knows the threat is too great. But just how bad is it? In another scene, Fury is seen asking James “Rhodey” Rhodes — aka War Machine — just how well he knows his assigned protection as things between the two men get tense.”

The footage also showed the first look at Olivia Colman in an undisclosed role. 

Meanwhile, during the panel at SDCC, Cobie Smulders gave a few words about the upcoming shows. She mentioned that Marvel Comics Secret Invasion will be “a darker show.” Smulders also hinted that the series would have “exciting thriller” vibes, given that show will revolve around Skrulls who can change their appearances.

“We’re going to get deeper into the characters. We’re going to see them in new ways, and it’s going to be an exciting thriller, and you’re never going to know who people are. Are they a Skrull? Are they a human? It’s going to be a bit of a guessing game.”

It’s most likely that show will follow the events in the comics. In Marvel Comics Secret Invasion arc started right after Civil War, where we saw Captain America’s death and the Avengers were broken into two factions.

That arc revealed that the Skrulls have secretly invaded the Earth thanks to their shape-shifting abilities. To make things more complicated, some of them were posing as superheroes. Skrull Queen Veranke claimed to her people that Earth was rightfully theirs, making the Avengers band together once more to defeat the imminent threat.

Who do you think Olivia Colman’s role will be in MCU’s Secret Invasion? Share with us your theories in the box below!


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