Keanu Reeves' BRZRKR Comic Book Is About An Immortal Warrior
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Keanu Reeves’ New Comic Book Is About An Immortal, But It’s Not Autobiographical

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BY July 20, 2020

Keanu Reeves is an actor that has countless franchises to his name. From mainstream commercial films to critically acclaimed drama or indie hits, Reeves has done it all. Most recently, Reeves is having a career resurgence with the massive John Wick franchise. Not to mention his return to previous franchises in Bill And Ted and The Matrix. And now, the iconic actor is adding comic book creator and writer to his credits. Keanu Reeves’ BRZRKR comic book is a brand new title coming in October.

Keanu Reeves’ BRZRKR Comic Book Is From Boom! Studios

Keanu Reeves BRZRKR comic book poster. Image via Boom! Studios.

The brand new comic book titled BRZRKR is coming from Boom! Studios, written by Reeves himself. The title will be a twelve-issue limited series featuring co-writer Matt Kindt from Folklords and Bang!, as well as acclaimed artist Alessandro Vitti of Marvel’s Secret Warriors fame. The new title will also feature colorist Bill Crabtree from BRPD and letterer Clem Robins from Hellboy. The new violent series is about an immortal and his journey through time to discover more about his origins. 

BRZRKR is Reeves’ debut as a comic book writer. The series is about Berzerker, a man who is half-mortal and half-God cursed with immortality. Being around for centuries, and fighting in every war he can find, his long life is at the expense of his sanity. His one true purpose is to discover the reason behind his existence, the secret behind his immortality, and how to end it. It’s a common theme in stories featuring immortality such as Highlander and the recent Netflix movie The Old Guard.

BRZKRK Is A Story That Feels Familiar, But Also Very Meta? 

Keanu Reeves BRZRKR comic book sad Keanu. Image via Boom! Studios.

The story of Keanu Reeves BRZRKR comic book sounds like a typical immortal story. An undying badass who seeks death due to his ability to not die. Brutal and violent are always the best ways to describe these stories. It also feels like there’s a resurgence in this type of content, with Charlize Theron’s The Old Guard also dealing with familiar themes. But there’s another aspect of BRZRKR that conspiracy theorists will have a field day with. 

As famous as Reeves is for his on-screen talents, his off-screen personality is also quite infamous. Reeves’s personal life is full of tragedy, and his personality is also unlike most celebrities’. This makes him very relatable and well liked by fans, but also makes Reeves the target of many memes. One such meme was when Reeves was photographed eating lunch alone on a bench, spawning the ‘sad Keanu’ meme. Coincidentally, one of the covers for BRZRKR seemingly replicates that meme with the protagonist sitting on a bench in the rain. The cover has a very melancholy vibe. 

There’s also the long-running inside joke about Reeves being immortal himself, given how well he’s aged over the decades. So a comic book story created by Reeves himself about an immortal warrior seems fully like it’s leaning into all those stories and theories about himself. Which is kind of brilliant if you really think about it. And very on-brand with Reeves’s self deprecating and quirky personality. 

Not Long Until We Get BRZRKR In Live-Action At Some Point

Keanu Reeves BRZRKR comic book poster 2 Image via Boom! Studios.

One of the best things about Keanu Reeves BRZRKR comic book is the eventual movie or series that we’ll be getting. With Reeves’ penchant for franchises, it almost feels like a foregone conclusion that BRZRKR will become a live-action movie or TV series. Especially seeing how the protagonists’ look is modeled exactly after Reeves himself. Not to mention the fact that Boom! Studios also has a first-look deal currently in place with Netflix. So it definitely feels that the comic book is a precursor to the eventual live-action franchise. 

Keanu Reeves’ BRZRKR comic book is set to release in October.

So what do you think about Keanu Reeves as a comic book writer? Let us know in the comments below. 


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