Immortal Era Issue 3 Review: Exposition Draws Us Into The Story
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Immortal Era Issue 3 Review: Lots Of Exposition And Flashbacks Draw Us Into The Bigger Story

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BY November 24, 2020

Edward Davis’ Immortal Era is the little comic book that could. At a time when big movie releases and TV shows are getting delayed or canceled altogether, Davis is a creator that keeps going. Despite the Pandemic, Davis is a comic book writer who is continuing to create and publish his indie comic book through crowdfunding and pure determination. The dystopian future of no death in his Immortal Era comic book is definitely something different and fresh. I got the opportunity to check out how his story unfolds in this Immortal Era issue 3 review. 

Review: Immortal Era Issue 3 Is All About A World Without Death

Immortal Era issue 3 review Mann. Image via Edward Davis.

As mentioned in my review of Immortal Era issue #1, the story sees a future 200 years from now that is very different than what we’ve seen before. It’s a world without death. Somehow, people stopped dying years ago, which obviously, is causing complications. Overpopulation, lack of resources, a society under pressure are all things plaguing the world where no one can die. Even worse, with too many people and not enough food, cannibalism is totally a thing. So there’s that.

Immortal Era is all about a group living underground, made up of a floating head scientist and a mysterious warrior who rescued discarded children years ago. Those children have grown up to aid them in this fight to survive in this new world, and possibly, somehow, fix it? 

A Lot Of Exposition And Flashbacks Flesh Out The World

Immortal Era issue 3 review burn. Image via Edward Davis.

Immortal Era issue 3 review is all about exposition. But not in a bad way. For a series where the world is drastically different, with only bits and pieces of information coming out, exposition is very welcomed. In this issue, we get the backstory of Dr. Mann, a floating head kept alive with cybernetic implants and a mech-spider-like body. The brains of the operation, literally, Mann recounts how he came to be in this situation. Apparently, he was a spoiled rich elite of society, who learned of the harsh truth that made him seek out death. Father ended up saving him and giving him a new purpose in life.

But now, he has send to the most inexperienced member of the group, a young girl named Ari, to his greatest nemesis on a mission to save the world. During her outing, we also experience the world from a different perspective. A crowded and repurposed world inhabited by those deemed legal enough to be born and exist. While the rest had to flee underground, like Ari. It’s this world building that is uniquely interesting to Immortal Era. While the stories of the individual characters have varying degrees of likeability, the world Davis created is entirely engaging. 

Immortal Era Issue 3 Continues The Genre Mashup

Immortal Era issue 3 review Mann. Image via Edward Davis.

Initially, in Immortal Era issue #1, you get the sense that this is a post-apocalyptic zombie story. Issue #2 completely spins it around by adding a very supernatural and mythic element to the series. Obviously, I’m not going to go into spoilers, but it’s definitely a turning point in the story. Immortal Era issue 3 comes around and again changes what we think this story is about. While the underground is desolate and definitely looks post-apocalyptic, the world above looks ultra-modern, albeit scavenged. The backstory reveals a lot that we assumed, which isn’t the case. It’s a refreshing twist that keeps the reader on their toes about what to expect. 

Each Issue Improves Upon The Other

Immortal Era issue 3 review Mann. Image via Edward Davis.

As mentioned before, writer Edward Davis is crowdfunding Immortal Era through a Kickstarter campaign. Despite that, the three issues thus far have improved in technical proficiency from one to the next. The artwork, lettering, and colors keep one-upping the issue before, with bolder choices, more refined designs, and a certain polish to the over all quality. This only makes sense as the world is also expanding, getting larger and more complicated. Whether or not these changes are meant to go with the flow of the story, I’m not entirely sure. But it’s great nonetheless. 

The Immortal Era Kickstarter campaign is now available for backers. 

Will you support Immortal Era? Let us know in the comments below. 

Featured image via Edward Davis.


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