Will Poison Ivy Appear in The Batman Sequel?
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Will Poison Ivy Appear in The Batman Sequel?

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BY April 30, 2022

With the news that a sequel to The Batman is in development, fans are already speculating about which villains the Caped Crusader will face off against next. One name that keeps coming up is Poison Ivy, and it’s not hard to see why.

Poison Ivy is one of Batman’s most iconic foes, and her plant-based powers would make for some visually stunning action sequences. She also has a deep personal connection to Bruce Wayne, which could add an interesting wrinkle to the plot.

The Batman’s conclusion provides the perfect opening for director Matt Reeves to introduce one of Bruce Wayne’s most iconic villains: Poison Ivy. Dr. Pamela Isley didn’t have much screen time in Joel Schumacher’s 1997 film Batman and Robin, but the ending of The Batman presents a great opportunity to bring her into Robert Pattinson’s grittier universe. Riddler’s destruction of Gotham City leaves room for Poison Ivy to enter and wreak havoc. Hopefully, Matt Reeves will do the character justice and give her the screen time she deserves, Poison Ivy.

With the ending of The Batman, it’s clear that there are many villains left to be introduced. Two-Face and perhaps even Joker will appear in future movies or TV shows as well; however they all still cannot compare with one woman: Poison Ivy!

Poison Ivy Saving Mother Earth

Poison Ivy is a character who has been adapted in various ways over the years, but her main goal has always been to save Mother Earth by any means necessary. In today’s political climate – where there is debate about how to tackle climate change – her presence is timely and relevant. Additionally, Ivy’s background with a Ph.D. in botany makes her intellect just as intimidating as her overall goal of “purifying” Gotham.

The conclusion of The Batman brings us one step closer to an introduction with Poison Ivy. With her iconic status as a member in the Dark Knight’s Rogues Gallery, it was only logical that she would appear at some point during this film adaptation–and now we’re finally getting our chance! Matt Reeves’ ending offers up plenty for fans who want more from merrier bat-themed entertainment; Introducing classics like Catwoman and Rob Zombie’s “urdue girl,” along side newly casted characters like Mr Bloom (a plant obsessed criminal mastermind). It seems absolutely perfect timing since DC comics has announced plans on how they plan bring several long awaited.

In his upcoming sequels, Robert Pattinson’s Batman will likely have more than the Penguin and the Riddler to contend with. As a result, Poison Ivy may well join the Joker and possibly Harvey Dent in the next film, as Reeves has opened the door for many future antagonists in his new Batman world. The violent attack on Gotham and the realistic tone and use of The Long Halloween as its source material all suggest that Poison Ivy may well prove to be a major threat to Robert Pattinson’s Bruce Wayne in the sequel to The Batman.


What do you think? Will Poison Ivy show her kindness in the upcoming The Batman Sequel ?

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