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Superman: Legacy and What James Gunn Has To Say

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BY March 15, 2023

Superman: Legacy has been somewhat of an enigma for everyone. So far, we only know that James Gunn is behind it. That, and we also know Henry Cavill won’t star in it. Other than the painful news, we’ve learned next to nothing.

That is, until today. IGN just covered Gunn’s ideas for the film. And, I must admit that it looks promising. A new DC cinematic universe appears closer than ever. There’s a new The Joker film in the works. And, Robert Pattinson’s Batman universe just mentioned Superman.

So, there’s a lot of hype around a new cinematic universe. This new Superman film might be just what we need.

Superman and the dawn of a new DC cinematic universe to match the MCU

Superman DC universe The DC universe has a lot of untapped potential. (Image credit: DC Comics | Warner Bros.)

DC has already poured a ton of effort into its cinematic universe. But, everyone can see it hasn’t kept up with Marvel. Now, Gunn’s statements point toward a more cohesive story. For many, that’s what’s been missing from DC’s attempts.

According to Gunn, they want to work on that right off the first film. By the time the movie comes out, people should understand the DCU.

Needless to say, that’s a hefty challenge. A cinematic universe has more than one character. That’s particularly true for huge universes, like DC. So, we’ll have to see how this story plays a greater part.

Printing the superhero’s core identity into Superman: Legacy

superman saves kids Before being the most powerful superhero, he’s a helper. (Image credit: xXNightblade08Xx)

You can come up with dozens of factors identifying Superman. He’s invincible, can fly, and has X-ray vision. Or, you can tackle his origins. He’s an alien, but he was raised on Earth. All of those are somewhat valid.

Yet, they’re not Superman’s essence.

At his core, Superman is the embodiment of kindness. He’s somewhat innocent, a stranger to our corrupt morals. And, Superman: Legacy aims to focus on that.

Nailing what really matters in a Superman story

James gunn James Gunn might be the best bet for nailing the character’s essence. (Image credit: Wikimedia Commons)

That focus on “what matters” really hypes me up. It’s what makes me believe the DCU is starting on the right track. After all, Gunn has a history of knowing how to adapt comic book characters. He knows how to connect with their core content.

And, the DCU needs that. Superman is more than how he does things. He’s kind and selfless in a world that looks down on it. For many, those are features of someone weak. Superman places those features in the strongest man alive.

That’s what Superman is about. And, that’s something few filmmakers have understood.

Featured Image Credit: DC Database | Fandom

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