The Batman Superman Mention In Robert Pattinson's Universe
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Superman Referenced In Robert Pattinson’s Batman Universe!

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BY January 2, 2023

Thanks to a scene from a comic book written by Paul Dano, we have confirmation that Superman exists in Robert Pattinson’s Batman universe.  

Robert Pattinson’s The Batman movie boomed in movie theaters and on HBO. This was one of the highest-grossing and most popular DC movies of 2022. The movie showed a first-time Batman, more revenge-oriented than the ideal of justice that characterizes the Dark Knight.

One thing it did not show was any mention of other DC heroes, such as Superman, Aquaman or Wonder Woman. There are many rumors. The first one is that these have not appeared in their respective cities due to the temporal aspect. The other is not to divert attention from the Bat’s narrative. 

A Subtle Mention of Superman in The Batman Universe

A recent comic related to Robert Pattinson’s The Batman featured a subtle mention of Superman. Rather than a brief version of the character, we could see a cameo of the city he protects. This is the comic book The Riddler: Year One, written by Paul Dano, who also starred in the production of The Batman.

The riddler: Year One panel Image: DC Comics

In this one, a part was seen to a lady at a train station, waiting for her unit to arrive to board her. In a close-up, it is noted that the tickets she holds are for the city of Metropolis. This citizen, possibly from Gotham, also comments that Batman can’t be everywhere at once.

The Riddler: Year One panel Image: DC Comics

The latter when several suspicious-looking people approach him. As denoted, there was no clear sign of the Superman but of his city, which may signify a possible start for crossover comics between him and Batman. By the slight mention, it is not expected that this could appear in future comics, but it does offer that door to the future.

Will the Man of Steel Appear in the Sequel to The Batman? 

Superman Image: DC Comics

One question at such a mention is whether we could expect an upcoming appearance of Superman in the plot of The Batman. This is unlikely to happen for two reasons. The first is because of the mess that exists within DC. At the moment, it is unknown what James Gunn and Peter Safran will do with the productions.

Another reason is that this plot is too young to tie it to Superman yet. First, the character doesn’t develop his personality, goals, or technology. So we will likely see more solo films of the Dark Knight, before an appearance of Man of Steel.

Moreover, the plots of the comics and the movies often do not coincide. So if Superman appears in the comics, it does not guarantee that he will appear in The Batman sequel.

Featured Image Via DC/Warner Bros. Discovery 



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