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Armageddon Episode 2 Tells Us Where Joe West Is In The Flash Season 8

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BY December 2, 2021

The Armageddon event on The Flash is a new (and old) kind of CW crossover. Whereas crossovers in the past have been all about the ensemble, these are still individual episodes of a single series. One beloved cast member, Jesse L. Martin, has not yet been seen this year. Well episode 2 of Armageddon explains where Joe West is in The Flash season 8, and it’s pretty much what everyone feared. Well, kind of. One would think that if you clicked on this article, you were content with the idea of learning where Joe West is in The Flash season 8. Yet, this is a spoiler. So, we’re going to give you a chance to jump away and come back after you’re all caught up on the Armageddon event on the CW.

Light Spoilers to follow.

Joe West Is In the Afterlife on The Flash Season 8

the flash armageddon episode 2 where joe west is season 8 Jesse L. Martin Image by Katie Yu via the CW

Last season, Joe was forced out of his role on the Central City police force, but ended the season as happy as the rest of Team Flash. In season 8, we’ve had no idea where Joe West is, and in this episode, neither does the Flash. The episode focuses on Barry doing a hilariously poor job to prevent the disaster that sent Despero back in time to kill him, as explained in The Flash season 8 premiere. The series does a good fake-out, convincing the audience that Team Flash figured their way out of most of the problems. Yet, the episode ended with Grant Gustin’s Barry Allen suggesting that Joe cook for all of them. Everyone is really upset (especially Danielle Nicolet’s Cecile, who as an empath should have been able to sense Barry’s fear and confusion).

Joe West’s death in The Flash Armageddon event is almost certainly not going to stick. As far as we know, Jesse L. Martin is still a member of the cast. He once left the show suddenly for a medical reason, back in 2018, but, thankfully, this doesn’t appear to be anything like that So, some version of Joe is almost certainly going to show up either later in the Armageddon event or later in the season. In fact, this may even be a multiverse thing. After the Crisis On infinite Earths event, the members of the Arrowverse believed the multiverse to have been destroyed or combined into one. Yet, since The Flash movie is going to reopen the DC Multiverse in a year’s time, perhaps the show is again exploring alternate universes.

Either way, even though Joe West is currently dead in The Flash season 8, we’ve not seen the last of the character. Eight years in, The Flash team are still trying to tell big, interesting stories.

Armageddon Episode 2 Was Light on the Crossover, but We Got Black Lightning Back

the-flash-armageddon-episode-2-where-joe-west-is-season-8-Candice-Patton-Grant-Bustin-Barry-Allen-Iris-West-Allen Image by Katie Yu via the CW

As I mentioned above, this episode of the ‘crossover,’ was pretty devoid of crossover elements. There was a ‘Zoom’-style call from Chyler Leigh as Alex Danvers from Supergirl. Then, it was pretty much just a regular-old episode of The Flash until the very end when Cress Williams’ Black Lightning showed up. In this episode, Barry goes through a lot. Star Labs is about to be demolished because of some low-key sabotage. He also runs head-first into a fight with a villain who could control minds (despite having a clear warning to avoid such a person). Luckily, it was a feint, and another example on the long list of the Flash not being as strategic as Oliver Queen would like him to be in order to have more than one confrontation.

the-flash-armageddon-episode-2-where-joe-west-is-season-8-cress-williams-black-lightning Image by Katie Yu via the CW

Barry is supposed to go mad and destroy the world, and it seems the real seed of this madness comes from the fact that he does not remember his surrogate father dying. I suspect, however, that Black Lightning will be more concerned about neutralizing Despero. I suspect Barry is going to break before the event is over, and perhaps have to fight all of the heroes assembled to aid him. As far as we know, Barry hasn’t yet met Javica Leslie’s Ryan Wilder, so perhaps she will be at odds with both him and Black Lightning. However it plays out, this is a great way to do a crossover.

I personally am glad to see Williams back as Black Lightning. His show, particularly his and Nafessa Williams’ performances, were really something great. I definitely appreciate getting to spend a little more time with Jefferson Pierce. I am also eager to see Katharine McNamara back as Mia Smoak-Queen, especially since the Green Arrow and the Canaries series didn’t go at the CW.

The Flash debuts new episodes Tuesdays at 8 p.m. EST on the CW or on the CW App

What do you think of where Joe West is in The Flash season 8? Is this an Armageddon thing or is this Joe mystery going to last all season? Share your reactions, thoughts, and theories in the comments below.

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