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DC Comics Announces New Interim Editors-in-Chief

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BY August 20, 2020

DC Comics has been shaking things up lately. Due to Warner Bros. stepping in and doing some restructuring within their companies, they’ve been dealing with some significant layoffs. This past week brought the announcement that Bob Harras, previous editor-in-chief, was among those having to leave the company. The latest news from DC Comics is that Marie Javins and Michele Wells will be the interim replacements in the editors-in-chief role.

Marie Javins and Michele Wells Join DC Comics as Editors-in-Chief

So, who are the new Editors-in-Chief at DC Comics? Marie Javins is an experienced comic book editor and colorist. Her earlier work includes working at Marvel and Epic Comics as an editor, working on projects including Akira and Groo. Her previous title at DC Comics was Executive Editor of Global Publishing Initiatives & Digital Strategy.

Michele Wells, previously the Executive Editor, DC Children’s/Young Adult, has been with the company for the past four years. She has a background at Disney working in children’s books.

Jim Lee, DC Publisher, has expressed his excitement at the new pairing for the editors-in-chief role. They are reportedly going to help “draft and organize the content” and to promote “diversity and inclusivity” amongst their storytelling.

Bob Harras was not the only key player who had to exit his role. Mark Doyle, Brian Cunningham, Andy Khouri, Jonah Wiland, Hank Kanalz, and Bobbie Chase were also amongst those laid off. Reportedly, there have been more than 600 layoffs from Warner Bros. due to their decreased profits amidst the coronavirus pandemic.

Feautured. Image via DC Comics.

The Comic Book Publisher Is Keeping Busy

The next big thing from DC Comics will be the Fandome Virtual Fan Event. The virtual event is expected to release plenty of long-awaited news relating to DC properties, from Justice League to Wonder Woman. DC Fandome will take place on August 22nd, 2020.

Do you have any thoughts on DC Comics naming Marie Javins and Michele Wells their new interim editors-in-chief? We want to hear your thoughts about the shakeups within the comic book publisher!

Featured image: Wonder Woman #750, DC Comics



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