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Comic-Con Giveaway Comes Courtesy of Crochet Artist

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BY April 30, 2020

An artist, who recently shared her story and plans on Reddit, is set to celebrate Comic-Con in a fun and unique way. The Geeky Hooker, no not that kind of hooker, as her blog and website warn, is entering her eighth year participating in a scavenger hunt of sorts at San Diego Comic-Con.

The Geeky Hooker Comic-Con Critter Drop

The main halls of the convention space are a madhouse. Fans from all over come to San Diego for this event. Of course, if you love comics and pop culture, then there’s no better place to be. For starters, fans show off all their amazing costumes. Some even bring handmade goods and merch. The Geeky Hooker falls into that category. If you love Marvel and DC, you need to take a look at her work. All images in this article are from her, and she deserves every ounce of credit. If you’re going to Comic-Con, make sure to look out for these little guys.

The Geeky Hooker
Image Credit: The Geeky Hooker

In a Reddit post, the artist announced another year of giveaways at the convention. Stan Lee is the newest addition to her collection, which she calls her “adoption lineup.”

These critters await con-goers who come across one at the convention. Some critters making the trip this year include Batman, Captain Marvel, and Fat Thor. If you find one, then adopters can tag her on social media with a selfie. In her blog announcement for the giveaway, The Geeky Hooker notes the possibility that some might take a critter and just move on. It doesn’t bother her, especially knowing that it’s gone to a new home. Still, if you find one, don’t be that person. Share the photo with her. For work this good, she deserves to know you love her critters.

The Geeky Hooker
Image Credit: The Geeky Hooker

Making your Own Literary Critters

Of course, you might see these and think “wow, I need to learn to crochet!” The Geeky Hooker encourages it! In fact, if you want to learn the art of crocheting, then she wants to help! Little crochet dolls like hers, also known as amigurumi, can be learned through her book Literary Yarns! On her website, you can find an ebook copy, as well as links to hardcover copy. In the book, you find easy to follow guides to over 20 literary characters. Once you get better, you can take on comic book characters or other favorites. Favorites in the book include Sherlock Holmes, Elizabeth Bennet, and Prince Hamlet!

Why Literary Crochet?

As The Geeky Hooker mentions, most hobbies have collectibles. Sports fans can collect baseball or football cards, and even TV fans can get action figures or Funko Pop! figures. Literary fans? They don’t get as much to collect. For that reason, the talented artist encourages all to make their own bookshelf companions!

You can follow the Geeky Hooker on Instagram, as well as keep up with her blog. If you’re at Comic-Con, be on the lookout for her work! And, of course, keep reading Comic Years all week long for Comic-Con coverage! We’ve got everything you need to know about the biggest week in pop culture.


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