Digimon Adventure Trailer Reboots The Anime For A New Generation
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New Digimon Adventure Trailer Reboots The Anime For A New Generation

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BY February 10, 2022

The newly released Digimon Adventure trailer reboots the long-running series. Created as digital toys, the Digimon franchise has grown in popularity since the late 90s. Not to mention, it’s grown  across many mediums as well. Since its start in 1999, Digimon has had anime TV series, movies, manga, and video games. With the Digimon Adventure trailer, the series gets a reboot for a new generation. 

The Digimon Franchise And It’s Glory Days

Digimon Adventure trailer classic TV show poster. Image via Toei Animation.

Short for Digital Monsters, Digimon is a worldwide multimedia franchise. They are like Pokemon, in that they leverage the trend of small and cute creatures with powers.  While Pokemon began with a video game, Digimon were initially digital pet toys. The anime series debuted in 1999, incorporating the actual toys, within the story of the show. Digimon is one of the few anime franchises that has spanned decades in various forms. A Digimon anime series has been on television in one form or another since 1999 to the most recent being in 2017. The Digimon anime movies have been ongoing since the first show. And will continue with the newest movie in 2020, Digimon Adventure: Last Evolution. Digimon is also one of the  first anime to use CGI, enhancing traditional 2D animation. 

The Story That Is Retold In the Digimon Adventure Trailer

Digimon Adventure trailer new movie poster. Image via Toei Animation.

Digimon is the story about a group of children who are somehow transported into a digital world. Upon arriving, they quickly discover strange creatures in this new world. Some of the creatures seem to instantly connect to each of the band of young kids. They are also equipped with their own devices, known as Digivices. The kids soon realize that their individual Digimon can evolve into fighting monsters. Together, the kids and their monsters protect the Digital World. While going on adventures throughout this land. Over time, the humans bond with their Digimon and uncover the real reasons for their arrival. And how it affects the real world they left behind. 

Digimon Adventure Trailer Marks First-Ever Reboot

The Digimon anime franchise itself has evolved over the years with with many sequels. The stories have continued with the original group of kids aging and returning to the real world. They even passed their mantle to new kids to have their own adventures. The Digimon Adventure trailer will be the first reboot of the series. This is seemingly a trend when it comes to classic children’s anime content. Or rather, any content these days. Given the many reboots and remakes of classic franchises like He-Man or the Power Rangers. Similarly, Digimon is seeking to appeal to a brand new generation. 

The Animation Style In The Digimon Adventure Trailer Looks Remarkably Like the Original.

One baffling aspect of the Digimon Adventure trailer is how similar it looks to the original. One of the main reasons for rebooting a certain classic franchise is to update the visual style. The Pokemon franchise recently did just that with Mewtwo Strikes Back: Evolution. Which features a CGI anime style compared to the original 2D. So it’s strange that Digimon is keeping to close to its original style. Especially given that the intention is to introduce the franchise to new audiences. I guess we’ll see how close it stays to the original story at least, when the show releases. 

Digimon Adventure begins airing on April 5. 

What did you think of the new Digimon Adventure trailer? Let us know in the comments below. 

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